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National Luna Fridges

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  1. 110 Double Door - Stainless Steel National Luna Fridge

    110L Double Door - Stainless Steel

    Double Doors and dual temperature control plus 110 litres of storage over two 55 litre compartments make this the ultimate model for versatility and very serious performance. The perfect touring companion, the National Luna 110 Double Door offers everything you could possibly need in a fridge/freezer combo.


    Part Number: NLR110S

  2. 125 Stainless Steel - National Luna Fridge

    125L - Stainless Steel

    This is the Big Kahuna of the portable fridge world. Offering a massive 125 litres of space as well as top end performance and low battery consumption the National Luna 125 is top of the range.


    Part Number: NLR125S

  3. Weekender 50 Twin - Stainless Steel National Luna

    50L Weekender Twin - Stainless Steel

    The Weekender 50 Twin is able to cool and freeze at the same time! A combination 40-litre fridge and 10-litre freezer makes the 50 Twin ideal for weekend trips or longer journeys where space is limited. It uses a single digital thermostat for the 40-litre bin and automatically runs the 10-litre bin 10 degrees colder. Features include a battery monitor, low-power mode, low-battery protection, two-way lid and more.


    Part Number: NLR50S

  4. Weekender 52 - Stainless Steel National Luna Fridge

    52L Weekender - Stainless Steel

    The Weekender 52 litre can be used as a fridge or freezer with a digital thermostat that automatically maintains your desired temperature regardless of the weather.  Innovatie storage capacity, two way lid, battery monitor, low-power mode and battery protection are just some of the features this fridge boasts.


    Part Number: NLR52S

  5. 72Lt Double Door-Stainless Steel National Luna Fridge

    72L Double Door - Stainless Steel

    Featuring one 38 litre bin and one 33 litre bin, with separate lid and digital thermostat this fridge is the perfect cross over for any occasion, from the weekend camping trip to an around Australia adventure.


    Part Number: NLR72S

  6. 80 Stainless Steel National Luna Fridge

    80L Stainless Steel

    A high performance fridge or freezer with a huge capacity and extra thick insulation will keep the whole family happy on those long journeys.


    Part Number: NLR80S

  7. 90 Twin Stainless Steel National Luna Fridge

    90L Twin Stainless Steel

    This is perfect if you're looking for a versatile fridge and freezer combination with massive storage capacity. It features one 40 litre bin and one 50 litre bin with separate digital thermostats allowing each bin to be set at your desired temperature. This is the starting point for any serious tourer in stylish and durable stainless steel.


    Part Number: NLR90S

  8. Weekender 50 & 52 Suitable Jacket

    National Luna Fridge Protection Jacket -125L

    Extra protection for your National Luna fridge in or out of your vechile.  

    To suit 125L fridge models only.

    Regular Price: $199.00

    Special Price: $169.15

    Part Number: NLJ

  9. National Luna Removable Fridge Hinge

    National Luna Removable Fridge Hinge

    The removable hinges allow for the lid to be removed for easy access and cleaning.


    Part Number: NLZHR

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9 Item(s)

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