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  • Overdrive Unit
  • Overdrive Unit
  • Over drive button on the gear shifter
  • Over drive button on the gear shifter
  • Overdrive button installed in vehicle
  • Installed overdrive
  • Installed overdrive
  • Installed overdrive

70 Series Toyota LandCruiser Overdrive - ABS

Part Number: 70S-O/D-ABS

Quick Overview

To Suit Toyota LandCruiser VDJ7# ABS equipped vehicles:

  • VDJ76 - 4.5L V8 Turbo Diesel (see note) - MFK20415
  • VDJ78 - 4.5L V8 Turbo Diesel - MFK20410
  • VDJ79 - 4.5L V8 Turbo Diesel - MFK20405, MFK20400

The overdrive is bolt in - no drive train modifications required. The kit comes complete with all parts required for installation.


Price From: $7,700.00


Electronic Overdrive to Suit VDJ70 Series Toyota LandCruiser - ABS Models

The overdrive we have selected to fit to the Toyota LandCruisers is American made and has been manufactured for over 27 years. The overdrive is rated to a vehicle power of 2,000Hp and a gross combined mass (GCM) of over 11.3t - more than you could ever need.

The overdrive is engaged by pressing a switch with is located on the gear knob. The electrical control checks to make sure you are travelling over 35km/h and that you are not in 4WD before it will allow you to activate the overdrive. To activate, it is much like how you would normally change gear; depress the clutch, press the overdrive button on the gear knob and release the clutch. With the overdrive engaged you can shift up and down through your gearbox as per normal, when your speed drops to below 35km/h the overdrive will disengage.

The electronic overdrive provides a 22% reduction across gear ratios.

Gear Ratio Example

Please note: When towing heavy loads, Toyota do not recommend using 5th gear thus we cannot recommend running 5th gear and the overdrive (your engine may struggle to pull this ratio anyway.) 4th gear and the overdrive should prove ideal for towing heavy loads.

Note: VDJ76 - We have tested the overdrive on vehicles with up to 2" suspension lift - If the vehicle has more than 2" lift, you may have drive shaft angle problems.

Advantages of the overdrive:

  • Can be engaged in any gear above 35km/h
  • Bolt in - no drive train modifications required
  • 100% reversible - take the overdrive to your next VDJ70
  • Reduced RPM for highway cruising - lower fuel consumption
  • Better gear ratios for towing
  • Reduced noise inside the cabin

Kit contains:

  • American made Gear Vendors overdrive
  • Tail shaft
  • Cross member with integrated bash plate
  • Electronic control & wiring harness
  • Gear knob with overdrive activation switch
  • Indicator light with cover that inserts directly into factory blank on dash
  • Instructions

Technical Info:

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