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Chev V8 diesel - LandCruiser manual (10/1984 on)

Chev V8 diesel - LandCruiser manual (10/1984 on)

Part Number: MFK371CD5

Quick Overview

Toyota LandCruiser engine conversion Chev V8 diesel engine - 168T flywheel

To suit:

  • LandCruiser 40 series - BJ40 & BJ42 & HJ45 & HJ47 - 5-speed manual gearbox (10/1984 on)
  • LandCruiser 60 series - FJ60 & FJ62 & HJ60 & HJ61 - 5-speed manual gearbox (10/1984 on)
  • LandCruiser 70 series - BJ70 & BJ73 & BJ74 & HJ75 - 5-speed manual gearbox (10/1984 on)

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Bell Housing Kit

The GM V8 to FJ/HJ kit part no. MFK371CD5 utilises the LandCruiser 11" clutch set up on a new flywheel along with a new bell housing that measures 240mm/9.45" in length. This new bell housing and flywheel has been designed to move the engine forward giving adequate clearance between the cylinder heads and firewall. Re positioning of the transmission or firewall modifications are not required with this kit.

Chevy V8 Diesel engines are externally balanced. The new flywheel supplied in the kit is fully balanced, and is drilled and doweled to accept the standard LandCruiser 11" clutch as fitted to 2F, 3F, and 2H engines. The flywheel is heavier, giving greater inertia allowing the engine to idle smoother. The extra weight also helps to give less chance of stalling the engine when off road climbing over rocks, and taking off on steep inclines. The extra weight of the flywheel has no adverse effect on the engine. This new flywheel does not have a ring gear fitted; it bolts to the crankshaft behind the GM flex plate. The flex plate carries the ring gear and the balance weight for the engine. The flex plate is secured to the back of the flywheel with 6 bolts and spacers.

The bell housing accepts all the LandCruiser 2F 6-cylinder petrol components such as the bell housing mounts, slave cylinder, clutch fork etc. This means, some additional "2F" petrol parts will be required if using a vehicle previously fitted with a 2H diesel engine. Left and right bell housing mounts and bolts, clutch slave cylinder, push rod and bolts, thrust bearing carrier, clutch fork, clutch fork pivot, clutch fork boot, bell housing breather boot & gearbox front cover plate.

Clutch kit:


Kit contains:
  • Bell housing
  • Flywheel
  • Dowels
  • Flywheel cover plate
  • Spigot bearing
  • Oil pressure sender adaptor
  • Water temperature sender adaptor
  • Bolts
  • Washers
  • Instructions

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