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LS series V8 to Nissan Patrol Manual
  • Bellhousing fitted in vehicle

LS series V8 to Nissan Patrol Manual

Part Number: MFK605G3ZD30

Quick Overview

This kit has been superseded with an updated and more advanced bell housing package

Nissan Patrol engine conversion using the LS1 / LS2 / LS3 V8 engine

To suit:

  • GU / Y61 - ZD30, 3L diesel 5-speed manual

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The kit consists of an adaptor housing which couples the new engine to the original petrol or diesel bell housing. The new adaptor housing measures 72 mm in length and spaces the new engine away from the irregular shape of the Nissan Patrol firewall. No firewall modifications or re positioning of the original transmission is required.

An input shaft extension is also supplied with the kit, which fits over the original gearbox input shaft. A sealed ball bearing supplied in the kit supports the input shaft extension at the front. The gearbox input bearing supports the rear so no movement is experienced. The input shaft extension converts the Nissan gearbox splines to GM 26T dimensions.

The use of a 12" heavy duty clutch MCK605HD is recommended for general purpose use and a 12" extra heavy duty cushion button clutch is recommended for heavy duty use such as competition vehicles and vehicles fitted with high performance engines.

A flywheel cover plate, thrust bearing extension carrier, spigot bush as well as all the required bolts are supplied with the kit.

The Holden/Chevy 5.7ltr Gen3/LS1, 6.0ltr LS2 engine has a bolt pattern similar to the old Chevy Turbo bolt pattern with the addition of one extra hole placed at the top centre of the block and two extras at the bottom which are tapped into the cast aluminium sump.

The crankshaft also has a different bolt pattern and the spigot bearing location in the crank is closer to the block, as is the crankshaft flange face. The kit for this engine is slightly different to a standard Chevy small block petrol. A small plug like spacer is supplied in the kit which is pressed into the input extension shaft. This correctly positions the shaft for the Gen 3 crankshaft.

Kit Contains:
  • Adaptor flywheel housing,
  • Input shaft extension (26t spline),
  • Thrust bearing extension carrier,
  • Thrust tube support ring,
  • Thrust bearing,
  • Flywheel cover plate,
  • Spigot bearing and adaptor,
  • Oil pressure sender adaptor,
  • Water temperature sender adaptor,
  • Dowels, bolts, washers and instructions.

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