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Transfer case adaptor with fittings
  • Cast aluminium replacement sump with fittings
  • Oil Filter Rotation Adaptor with fittings
  • Transfer case adaptor
  • Engine Mount Kit
  • Duramax A/C Compressor Manifold Kit
  • Nissan Transfer Case to Allison Transmission Adaptor Intalled

Duramax & Allison 6 speed auto to Nissan Patrol GU

Part Number: MFP2035

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Quick Overview

Nissan Patrol GU engine conversion using the 6.6L Duramax engine and Allison automatic transmission. This package includes the transfer case adaptor, sump, pick-up, oil filter rotation, A/C compressor manifold, engine mounts and more.

To suit:

  • GU / Y61 - all models

Regular Price: $9,500.00

Special Price: $8,550.00


This adaption package is designed to fit the 6.6L (LB7, LLY, LBZ & LMM) Duramax V8 turbo diesel engine and Allison 5 or 6 speed automatic transmission to the Nissan Patrol GU transfer case.

This custom made adaption kit is engineered and manufactured exclusively by Mark's 4WD Adaptors. It can be used in any Nissan Patrol, however we recommend using the ZD30 manual tailshafts, crossmember and low range lever for ideal engine position.

The Nissan transfer case stays in the factory position when using our adaptor housing allowing you to run standard drive shafts. We supply a new input gear for the transfer case which accepts the factory Allison 4WD output shaft - no coupler shaft is required. The oil filter rotation kit allows for the use of the factory Duramax oil filter eliminating the need for a remote oil filter set up. Our cast aluminium sump is designed to clear the front diff and track rod in the Patrol. Engine mounts are weld in and require the original chassis posts to be removed.

Kit contains:

Transfer Case Adaptor
  • Cast aluminium adaptor housing
  • Transfer case input gear
  • Speed sensor
  • Bearings & seals
Sump and Pick-up
  • Cast aluminium replacement sump
  • Baffle tray
  • Oil pick-up
  • GM crank bolts (to get sump off auto flexplate needs to be removed)
Oil Filter Rotation kit
  • Cast aluminium oil filter rotation housing
  • O-rings
  • Bolts & plugs
A/C Compressor Manifold Kit
  • Modified air conditioning pump
  • Seals
  • Bolts and washers
Engine Mount Kit
  • Left and right weld on chassis posts
  • Left and right engine block brackets
  • Engine mount rubbers
  • Steering box spacer

Our kit will get your Duramax engine and Allison transmission mounted into your vehicle, you will then to look at the following to complete your conversion (this list is a guide only)

  • Air box & intake
  • Exhaust
  • Intercooler & pipe work
  • High pressure power steering line
  • Auto transmission cooler & lines
  • Gear shifter
  • Fuel system
  • Wiring
  • ECU/TCM programming
  • Fitting Nissan oil pressure & water temperature sensors
  • Air conditioning lines
  • Vacuum for brake booster - alternatively you could use our Hydraulic Booster Kit - which also comes with high pressure power steering line you need

Note: A body lift is not required for this conversion. If a body lift is fitted you will have more room for exhaust, fuel lines, bonnet clearance, etc.

Note 2: A GQ transfer case can be used but fabrication for the low range lever is required.

Note 3: Some early LB7 engines had a different oil filter mount which needs to be changed to fit our oil filter rotation kit.

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