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125 Stainless Steel - National Luna Fridge
  • Easy to use control panel with digital thermostat
  • Durable Spring Loaded Handles
  • Standard Hinges (an option for detachable hinges allowing the lid to be removed are also available)
  • Convenient Internal LED Light
  • A cross section showing insulation
  • 125 Stainless Steel Fridge Dimensions

125L - Stainless Steel

Part Number: NLR125S

Availability: In stock

Quick Overview

This is the Big Kahuna of the portable fridge world. Offering a massive 125 litres of space as well as top end performance and low battery consumption the National Luna 125 is top of the range.



With its massive 125 litres of storage capacity, absolute reliability in a range of conditions and low battery consumption, the stainless steel 125 is of such a high standard it can be used on a commercial level. The performance ability is due to a combination of self pressurising commercial grade fridge seals, 60mm insulated walls and coolant pipes all around the inner cabinet ensuring the compressor can run for the shortest possible time and also pull the temperature down extremely quickly. All National Luna fridges use a German engineered Danfoss compressor that is recognised as the most efficient in the world. As with all National Luna fridges the 125 has an automatic low battery cut off and easy to use digital thermostat with digital display. The sturdy stainless steel outer adds to the overall durability. This is a seriously tough fridge that's guaranteed to hold a temperature of -18ºC in 43ºC heat. Top of the range for storage and top of the range for performance you can't beat the National Luna 125.

Weight: 48kg

Actual Volume: 128 litres

Baskets: 8 ABS plastic baskets

Minimum Temperature: @ 43ºC ambient -18ºC

Power Source: 12/24v DC 240v AC

Power Draw: @ 12v +/- 2.5 amps average running currentAverage @ -10ºC cabinet / 32ºC ambient 1.82 amp/hr24hr total @ -10ºC cabinet / 21-43ºC ambient 41.81 amp/hr

Dimensions:495(w) x 835(l) x 750mm(h) (1180mm with lid raised)

 Diagram of dimensions

Why Choose National Luna Fridges?

National Luna offers a range of premium quality fridge/freezers that provide guaranteed levels of performance in hot and humid climates combined with very low battery consumption.

This extreme performance is contributed to by the insulation which goes in under extreme pressure and gives similar quality insulation as much thicker standard foam insulation used by other brands. National Luna also use commercial grade fridge seals that self-pressurise to seal with-out the need for pull down latches, essentially sealing in your desired temperature.

National Luna Fridges offer the lowest “real world” power usage with similar power consumption to the thick walled “boutique” brands such as Trailblazer and Explorer and about half the power consumption of most Engel and Waeco fridges of similar size. The battery usage is saved due to coolant pipes all around the inner cabinet ensuring the compressor can run for the shortest possible time and also pull the temperature down extremely quickly. All models feature low voltage cut-outs that stop the compressor but maintain the temperature display. Also as standard 240V AC is built in on all models with an automatic switch that switches to AC whenever available and drops to battery saver mode when the fridge detects there is no charge available.

As part of their warranty National Luna have a National Service Network however also allows repairs to be made by locals when no service agent is nearby. As they are commercial fridges and use mostly normal refrigeration components any fridge technician even in smaller country locations will be able to diagnose or repair problems. Even after 9 years in the Australian market many of the national service agents have still not seen a fridge in for repairs.

Built Tougher. Built Smarter. Built Better.

National Luna Logo

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