FYRLYT 5000 Wiring Harness

AUD$110.00 (Excl. Tax AUD$100.00)

Wiring harness designed to suit a pair of 150W FYRLYT 5000 driving lights.

SKU: 16056
Brands: FYRLYT
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Kit contains:

  • Wiring Harness
  • Relay
  • Fuse
  • Switch
  • Instructions

The FYRLYT harness is built using the optimum wire size to guarantee maximum light output, most other looms on the market run smaller gauge wire which will give you reduced output and could leave you disappointed with your FYRLYT driving lights.

NOTE: This harness will only suit a pair of the 150W 5000 Lumin lights, it will not work with the Nemesis lights.

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