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TJM Pro Locker - Nissan Patrol - Air Activated Diff Lock - Rear

Part Number: 168PL04

Quick Overview

TJM Nissan Patrol Pro Locker - Air Activated Diff Lock - Rear



TJM Nissan Patrol Pro Locker - Air Activated Diff Lock - Rear

The operation of the Pro Locker differential is simple and straightforward. Utilising compressed air, the internal selector ring will engage the lock ring. Once the TJM Pro Locker is engaged it forms a solid link between the carrier and the side gears. The differential is now locked and will deliver equal drive to both axles. The vehicle that was once suspended in mid air can now have equal power delivered to the wheel on firmer ground and can be driven out of the situation.

Unlocking the differential involves the pressurised air being redirected through an exhaust port on the solenoid valve. The spring and the actuator pushes the selector ring back, which in turn pulls the locking ring back out of engagement with the side gear. The differential is now unlocked and the gears are free to differentiate as before.

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