Flexplate – LS Series V8 to TH400

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This custom flex plate kit is designed to adapt the Gen III / LS series to the GM TH400 transmissions. The kit includes a flexplate, 11mm flex plate bolts, crank spacer.

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The new style Gen III / LS series engines (4.8, 5.3, 5.7 LS1, 6.0, 6.2) all have the same crank stick out which is .400” closer to the block than the traditional 350 V8. The Gen III / LS series crank bolt pattern is different than any other GM crank as to the bolt pattern on the flex plate. Only Gen III / LS series flexplates fit these engines!!!

Since a Gen III / LS series flexplate only fits a Gen III / LS series and the engine crank is recessed .400”. There are a few unique things about the torque converters that bolt to the flexplate. The spacing of the flexplate from the back of the block is the same as early GM blocks. The flexplate is dished out .400” to compensate for the crank. The differences come into play as to the bolt pattern of the torque converter to the flexplate and the snout length of the torque converter.

How do we adapt TH400 to a Gen III / LS series engine? We offer a custom flexplate to fit a TH400 and a crank spacer that compensates for the shorter engine crank.

NOTE: This kit includes a new flexplate and it may not work on all LS series engines. The 6.0L engine with cast iron cylinder heads should only be used with the original transmission due to a different crank shaft stick-out length. It does not have a recessed crank. The 4.8L engine coupled only to a manual transmission in 1999-2003 does not have a recessed crank.

LS7 / LS9 / LSA / LSX engines all have a 8 bolt crank that hold the flexplate to the engine. This kit is not cannot be used.

Note: This kit will not fit 2014 & up Gen V engines (New LT1 V8 & 4.3 V6, 5.3, 6.2)

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