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Car Security

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  1. Black Knight GPS Tracker Kit

    Black Knight GPS Vehicle Tracker

    The all-new Z3 is Black Knight's flagship utility device, a high-performance GPS/3GSM tracker designed to be hidden in any vehicle type.

    Black Knight provide the ultimate in theft protection with their GPS tracker Kit. This sleek, small, powerful device can be hidden almost anywhere allowing you to track in real time, view playback data, set anti-theft alerts and more. With the Black Knight you'll always know where your prized possession is.

    Connectivity is charged monthly, yearly or multi years. Rate begins at $12.99 per month
    Discounts apply for 12 months (pay for 11 months), 24 months (pay for 21 months) or 36 months (pay for 30 months)

    $500 Theft Warranty -If, after the purchase, installation & activation by an authorised dealer, your Black Knight protected asset is stolen and not recovered, and a theft claim is accepted by your insurance company, Black Knight will pay $500 to help get you back in action sooner.


    Part Number: TKZ003

  2. Nano Tag Water Based Aerosol Can - AER001

    Nano Tag Water Based Aerosol Can

    Nano Tag technology provide piece of mind when it comes to your pride and joy.

    Nano Tags are microscopic, unique identification tags that can be applied quickly and easily to your vehicle and it's after market part using this aerosol can. The water based solution sticks to any surface without affecting the materials. If your vehicle is stolen and attempted to be re-birthed or sold illegally as spares there is traceability to your vehicle and this can lead to the return of your vehicle, your parts and prosecution of those responsible.


    Part Number: AER001

2 Item(s)

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