Full Replacement Bellhousing to suit LS Series V8 to Nissan Patrol Manual


Marks 4WDs engineers have pioneered a replacement bellhousing that couples the factory Patrol manual to the LS V8 engine.


This is a full replacement bell housing which couples the engine to the original 5 speed manual transmission (RB30 and RD28 powered vehicles will need to fit the larger TB / TD / ZD gearbox). The bell housing spaces the new engine away from the irregular shape of the Nissan Patrol firewall. No firewall modifications or re-positioning of the transfer case are required. The bell housing is designed to allow the right hand exhaust to cross under and give as much ground clearance as possible.


This bellhousing will be offered in a kit which will include engine mounts, input shaft extension, heavy duty billet steel flywheel, oil pressure and water temp sender adaptors, fixing hardware and more. Click here to see our product page.