Marks 4WD’s playdate with Toyota and their Tonka truck


Marks 4WD were ecstatic to get the call from Toyota Australia’s design team last year asking for help creating every big kid’s dream, a life sized Tonka truck. When you look at the under body clearance and wide stance of the SR5 Hilux it’s clear to see where Marks 4WD lent a hand in creating the Tonka Hilux that was unveiled today as Toyota’s latest concept.

The truck sits on 35” tyres and boats an increased diff clearance of 150mm thanks to custom made Marks 4WD portal axles. When designing this vehicle Toyota wanted to keep the vehicle as Hilux as possible at the core and therefore wanted to keep the independent front suspension. This was a challenge that the design and engineering team at Marks 4WD keenly undertook and successfully designed the first IFS portal axle vehicle.

The team at Marks 4WD are honoured to have worked on this project with Toyota Australia and are proud of their contribution to such an iconic design.