Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Part Time kit work? The centre diff becomes completely inoperative as the spider gears & the rear side gear is completely removed. The rear spool supplied in the kit is manufactured from heat-treated gear steel & internally splined to allow permanent drive to the rear wheels. The front side gear is retained, as it is required to support the front output shaft in the main housing. The kit is supplied with free wheeling hubs & are fitted to prevent the front diff, axles & drive shaft from turning while the vehicle is being driven. What are the benefits? There are several benefits to consider when converting your Land Cruiser 80 or 100 series to Part time 4WD. The steering no longer has a tendency to pull hard when powering out of a corner which adds to less wear & tear on the steering components such as tie rod ends & steering box. The steering also becomes more direct or positive. There is a marked improvement in fuel economy an average of 5%-10%. The acceleration is also improved due to the reduction in losses associated with driving the front differential, drive shaft & CV joints. With these components no longer being driven, a considerable increase in their service life can be expected. Do I really need the spool installed in the transfer case? Yes. If the spool isn’t fitted in the transfer case and the free wheeling hubs are disengaged, all of the power will be directed to the front axle and the vehicle will not move. Can I install the Free Wheeling Hubs only? No. When the Free Wheeling Hubs are disengaged and no spool in the transfer case - all the power will be directed to the front axle and the vehilce will not move. I have a 100 series LandCruiser with IFS - Can I install this kit? Yes. I have a 100 Series LandCruiser with IFS - Does this kit effect the ABS brakes? No. Why are the axles spacers supplied with the 80 Series Part Time Kit? Some 80 Series LandCruiser's are fitted with longer splined CV shafts. The spacers are used to correct the end float How long does it take to install? A good mechanic can install the complete kit in around 4 hours. Can I install this kit myself? Yes. The kit is supplied with full fitting instructions. Can I download the fitting instructions? Yes,  click here to download Are specialty tools required? Yes, a bearing press is used to remove and install the bearing on the diff spool, however we also offer the option to have a brand new OEM spec Koyo bearing pre-pressed onto the new spool. Does the transfer case need to be removed from the vehicle? No. What if I can't fit the kit? No problem, your local mechanic will be more than qualified to fit the kit. My vehicle has a viscous coupling, can I use this kit? Yes. How do I know if my vehicle is fitted with a viscous coupling? A vehicle fitted with a viscous coupling does not have a centre diff lock button on the dash. Do I need to fit a Centre Diff Lock button when I fit the part time kit? Yes. This is to select 4WD in high range. If my vehicle is fitted with a Viscous Coupling - What happens? The viscous coupling is no longer required & removed from the transfer case during installation of the Part Time 4WD kit How do I engage 4WD once the kit is fitted? High 4WD - Lock in the Free Wheeling Hubs & push the Centre Diff Lock button Low 4WD - Lock in the Free Wheeling Hubs & engage Low4 with the gear lever (the Centre Diff Lock button can be depressed or not - the transfer case will lock as soon as the lever is moved) Can I engage Low Range 4WD on concrete or tarred roads? No - with free wheeling hubs engaged. Yes - with free wheeling hubs disengaged. This can be useful when slowly maneuvering caravans, trailers etc. Can I engage High Range 4WD while driving on concrete or tarred roads? No, this will cause wind up of the drive line and could cause possible failure of the transfer case, differentials or axles.
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