Toyota Hilux / FJ Cruiser / Prado 120 (2005 on) – Coil Strut Spacer Kit


Coil Strut Spacers are the ideal way of generating lift of vehicles with strut front ends. They bolt to the top of the strut and maintain full articulation of the front end.

Using these spacers, you are able to lift the front end a little more that with conventional springs and even out any ‘nose-dive’ appearance while still using stock suspension.

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Coil Strut Spacer Kit to Suit Toyota Hilux / FJ Cruiser / Prado 120 (2005 on)

Sold as a paired kit with hardware included, these spacers are designed for vehicles running standard coil springs in the front.

If your vehicle is fitted with a winch, bull bar or other accessories that weigh the front end down then a strut/spring upgrade is required.

There is a range of heights or thicknesses that provide different levels of lift;

  • 10mm thick will provide approximately 20mm of lift
  • 25mm (1″) thick will provide approximately 37mm of lift
  • 35mm thick will provide approximately 50mm (2″) of lift

Kit Contains:

  • 2 x Coil Strut Spacers
  • 6 x Nuts, studs & Washers


  • Toyota Hilux KUN25 (2005 on)
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser
  • Toyota Prado 120 Series

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