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Dakota Digital

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  1. Electronic Speedo Corrector

    Electronic Speedo Corrector

    Electronic speedo correction to suit the following vehicles:

    Toyota LandCruiser

    • 70 Series - VDJ76, VDJ78 & VDJ79 - (will not suit 08/2016 on DPF models)

    Toyota Hilux

    • KUN
    • GGN

    Nissan Patrol

    • GQ Y60
    • GU Y61

    Part Number: MFK1000

  2. GPS Speed/ Compass Sender/ BIM - GPS-50-2

    GPS Speed/ Compass Sender/ BIM

    At last, a GPS Speed sensor which can be considered something more. GPS technology offers many benefits in today’s world: accurate speed information, precise location tracking, repeatable information, and so much more. When Dakota Digital set out to create a GPS receiver, it was never to create just a means of driving a speedometer, but rather to extract as much useful information as possible, making the value of the product unlike anything else available.


    Part Number: GPS-50-2

  3. OBD-2 to PWM Tacho and Speed Sensor

    OBD-2 to PWM Tacho and Speed Sensor

    Using the Dakota Digital STA-1000 makes late model drive-train integration as simple as possible. The STA-1000 plugs directly into the OBDII diagnostic connector, providing a user-adjustable traditional Speedometer, Tachometer and Check-Engine output for your choice of after-market instruments.


    Part Number: STA-1000

  4. Universal Speedometer & Tach Interface

    Universal Speedometer & Tach Interface

    The NEW SGI-100BT Universal Speedometer & Tachometer Interface Unit is designed to allow you to adjust/split/recalibrate an electronic speed signal and calibrate a tach signal or aid in the creation of a tach signal for diesel swap applications.


    Part Number: MFKSGI-100BT

4 Item(s)

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