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Colorado RG & Isuzu D-Max (6/12 on) Diff Drop Kit

Colorado RG & Isuzu D-Max (June 2012 on) Diff Drop Kit

Part Number: DDCOL02

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Quick Overview

If you have or are considering lifting your Holden Colorado then your CV joints will be put on an increased angle leading to faster wearing of the joint, additional rubbing on the CV boots and potential premature failure of the CV joints.

If wider tyres and wheels are also fitted this wear will be accelerated. The higher you lift an IFS vehicle the greater the CV angle and the more premature the wear. This can be avoided.



A complete bolt In Diff Drop Kit for RG Colorado & Isuzu D-Max (6/12 on) to suit the popular Strut Front end models with raised suspension. Once fitted, this kit will drop the inner CV joint approximately 30mm, and has been designed to suit for lifts of 2-4". It comes complete with new crossmember and alloy spacers. The crossmember is manufactured from solid flame cut 15mm steel, with a recessed machined diff mounting boss, to avoid damage to the diff bolt head when driving offroad. The crossmember is e-coated and powder coated black, for increased longevity and discreet fitment, and can be used with after market or factory protection plates. The spacers are machined alloy, in black, and supplied complete with new mounting bolts - including a shorter bolt specific to D-Max installations only.

Kit contains:

  • Crossmember
  • Alloy spacers
  • Mounting bolts

Part No: DDCOL02

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