Delios Slotted Front Disc Rotors to Suit Toyota LandCruiser 100 Series - DLS789

LandCruiser 100 Series - Delios Slotted Rear Disc Rotors Pair - DLS789

Hilux - Delios Slotted Front Disc Rotors - DLS780

Hilux - Delios Slotted Front Disc Rotors Pair - DLS0780

Prado 150 Series - Delios Slotted Front Disc Rotors Pair - DLS2737

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Toyota Prado 150 Series

  • All models 11/2009 onward
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Slotted brake rotors are renowned for providing greater braking performance and Delios pride themselves on quality. When you combine these attributes you get a high quality solution for upgrading your four wheel drives braking capabilities.

Four wheel drives require unique braking solutions due to their low speed, high friction, heat building properties. This is often exaggerated by larger tyres and extreme downhill braking. Delios Command series rotors are engineered specifically for heavy 4WD conditions. They are uniquely out-gas vented to give the best clearance of water and debris.

Delios use thermally stable, wear resistant, and stress relieved materials in making these rotors which means they are built to last. They also use industry leading Symmetrex mould technology which ensures equal thickness around the rotor. Delios guarantee full and equal pad contact by allowing a minute 0.13mm tolerance for variation, which translates to a full and even release when hydraulic pressures are removed. Each rotor is PCBN micro-turned or double face ground to ensure each rotor runs true and parallel. This makes the ideal surface for pads to grip and bed in.

Advantages of Delios rotors include:

  • Extra bite
  • More release control
  • Additional stopping power
  • Amplified pedal response
  • Increased endurance
  • Noise level reduced for quiet braking
  • New pads are easy to bed in

Toyota Prado 150 Series

  • All models 11/2009 onward