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Sound Deadener Installation Kit
  • Utility Knife
  • Application Roller
  • Roll of performance Foil Tape
  • Application Roller

Car Builders Sound Deadener Installation Kit

Part Number: IK30

Availability: In stock

Quick Overview

Make the install process an ease with the right tools. Utility knife to cut your sheets to fit, application roller to firmly adhere the sheets and foil tape to seal and finish the job.



The essential kit when installing your Sound Deadener. The kit features:

1 x Utility Knife - Fold away quick change utility knife with 5 x double side blades making it easily cut sheets to size.

1 x Application roller - Featuring a 50mm wide semi urethane wheel, rolling on sealed bearings. Comfortable timber handle which doubles as a tapered end to work sound deadener sheets into corrugations in your floor pan.

1 x Roll of performance Foil Tape - 38mm wide x 10 meters in length the tape is 0.05mm thick and strong and robust to cover all joints and neatly complete the job

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