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LandCruiser 70 & 105 Series Low Range Gears

Part Number: MFK30300

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Quick Overview

Extra Low Range Transfer Case Gears for Toyota LandCruiser
33% Reduction 

To Suit - HF1A (19 spline input) Transfer case:

  • Toyota LandCruiser - VDJ76 Series
  • Toyota LandCruiser - VDJ78 Series
  • Toyota LandCruiser - VDJ79 Series
  • Toyota LandCruiser - 105 Series (19 spline part-time 4WD models only)

All of our Low Range Gears are Australian Made



Extra Low Range Transfer Case Gears For Toyota LandCruiser 70 and 105 series HF1A Transfer case

These gears have been designed to directly replace the Toyota LandCruiser part-time 4WD HF1A transfer case (19 spline input) low range gears as fitted to VDJ70, HZJ105 and HZJ105.

Vehicles fitted with automatic transmissions, standard or other wise can also take advantage of the extra low gearing in low range as a dramatic improvement in engine braking is achieved giving much improved off road performance and increased safety.

Vehicles fitted with larger tyres can regain lower than original gearing when fitted with these gears. For example; 35" tyres will increase the ground speed of your vehicle by approximately 13%, with Marks 4WD low range gears fitted you will still have a 20% lower overall ratio than a standard vehicle.

  Original Toyota Gearing Ratio Marks 4WD Low Range Gear Ratio
High Range 1:1 1:1 = No Change
Low Range 2.488:1 3.3:1 = 33% Reduction

Low range ratio 3.3:1 or 33% Reduction

Manual Gearbox: 5-speed manual - H150F.
The gear ratios are: 1st 4.529:1, 2nd 2.464:1, 3rd 1.49:1, 4th 1:1, 5th .881:1, reverse 4.313:1
Multiply the extra low ratio of 3.3:1 by the 1st gear ratio of 4.529:1 and the differential ratio of 3.9:1 this will give you a final drive ratio of 58.28:1 which is a vast improvement on the standard final drive ratio of 43.95:1

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