Low Range Gears Information


Marks4WD manufacture Low Range Gears to suit Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota 4WD's: Enhancing the vehicles off road performance and safety.

Vehicles Fitted With Larger Tyres

Vehicles fitted with larger tyres to enhance their off road performance are at the same time handicapped by this improvement as the increased tyre diameter reduces the engine braking on steep descents. The increased tyre diameter also increases the speed of the vehicle in all gears making steep ascents and rocky terrain difficult to traverse safely.

Automatic Vehicles

Vehicles fitted with automatic transmissions have very poor engine braking, this is due to the 1st gear ratio being in the order of 2.7 to 3.5:1 and to compound this problem the torque converter can not be locked up in this gear. If you own an automatic 4WD vehicle and have taken it off road in a hilly area you would appreciate the improvement in safety and drivability that these gears offer. If you intend fitting or have fitted a GM engine and automatic transmission to your vehicle you should also consider fitting these transfer case gears to improve your engine braking and general off road performance and safety.

Vehicles Using Winches

When winching your vehicle you often need to give some assistance to the winch by driving the vehicle in 1st gear, however the STD overall ratio moves the vehicle much faster than the winch. This over speed of the vehicle can cause excessive loading on the winch and cable when the vehicle looses traction. The cable can also become crossed up causing premature wear and possible breakage. The lower speed achieved with the Gearmaster® gears means that you can better match the vehicle speed to the winch.

Gear Backlash Eliminator

Most of the Mitsubishi and Nissan vehicles are fitted with one backlash eliminator on the large end of the lay shaft this is to help prevent low speed gear chatter which is more commonly experienced in vehicles fitted with automatic transmissions. All of our Nissan and some Mitsubishi Gearmaster® gears are supplied with a new back lash eliminator which is designed to suit the new gear tooth profile.


Depending on the ratio some of the transfer cases do require a small modification to fit the gears, the installation is relatively simple allowing the job to be undertaken by most mechanical work shops.


Mitsubishi Vehicle Information for Low Range Gears
GEN 1:

Manual - 24 Tooth spline 26.5mm diameter
Auto - 23 Tooth spline 31mm diameter

The gears are 2.85:1 low range ratio

  • NA model Jan 83-Nov 84
    SWB 2.6 petrol & 2.3 TD 5sp (KM145) only
    Hi-roof LWB introduced in May 84 with 2.6 petrol & 2.3 TD
  • NB model Nov 84-Nov 85 (Same variants as above except 2.3 TD not available with swb)
  • NC model Nov 85-Oct 86 (Same variants as above except hi-roof lwb is replaced with low-roof version)
  • ND model Oct 86-Oct 87
    SWB 2.6 petrol 5sp (KM145)
    LWB 2.6 petrol & 2.5 TD 5sp (KM145)
    Optional non lock up 4sp auto (KM148) for 2.6 petrol
  • NE model Oct 87-Sept 88 (Same variants as above)
    2.6 Jap petrol replaced with improved locally Oz made Astron 2 version
  • NF model Sept 88-Sept 89 (Same variants as above 3.0 V6 introduced for lwb with 5sp (V5MT1) or 4sp auto (KM148)
    3 link coil spring rear introduced for lwb 3.0 V6
  • NG model Sept 89-Apr 91 (Same variants as above except KM148 replaced with lock up 4sp V4AW2)
    2.5 TD was intercooled in 1990
    Rear disc brakes added with 3 link coil spring rear.
GEN 1 - Engine Power Outputs
  • 2.6 Jap (4G54) - 76Kw 192Nm
  • 2.6 Oz (4G54) - 79Kw 196Nm
  • 2.3 TD (4D55T) - 62Kw 188Nm
  • 3.0 V6 (6G72) - 105Kw 228Nm
  • 2.5 TD (4D56T) - 62Kw 201Nm
  • 2.5 TDI (4D56TI) - 70Kw 240Nm
GEN 1 - Transfer Case & Final Drive Ratio's
  • 2.3 TD - 4.875, 5.29
  • 2.6 / 2.5 TD - 4.625, 4.875
  • 2.5 TDI - 4.625, 4.875
  • 3.0 V6 - 4.625, 4.875

T/case - 1.944:1 low range for 2.6, 2.3 TD & 2.5 TD, 1.925:1 for 3.0 V6

GEN 2:
  • Manual - 27T spline 30.2mm diameter
  • Auto - 23T spline 26.5mm diameter

The gears are 2.7:1 low range ratio

  • NH model Apr 91-Nov 93
  • SWB 2.6 petrol 5sp (V5M21) leaf springs 3.0 V6 5sp (V5MT1) rear coils
  • LWB 2.6 petrol 5sp (V5M21) leaf springs 2.5 TD 5sp (V5M21) leaf springs 2.5 TDI 5sp (V5MT1) Rear coils 3.0 V6 5sp (V5MT1) or 4sp auto (V4AW2) rear coils
  • IMPORT 1993 SWB 2.8ltr TDI Diesel 1993
  • NJ model Nov 93-Mar 97
  • Rear leaf springs dropped everything now 3 link coils
  • SWB 3.0 V6 5sp (V5MT1) or 4sp auto (V4AW2)
  • LWB 2.8 D 5sp (V5M21) 2.8 TDI 5sp (V5M31) 3.0 V6 5sp (V5MT1) or 4 sp auto (V4AW2)
  • Luxury Exceed model 3.5 DOHC V6 lwb 4 sp auto (V4AW3
  • Sep 95 3.5 DOHC V6 made standard across range (3.0 V6 dropped)
  • NK model Mar 97-Oct 97
  • SWB 3.5 DOHC V6 5sp (V5M31) or 4sp auto (V4AW3)
  • LWB 2.8 TDI 5sp (V5M31) 3.5 DOHC V6 5sp (V5M31) or 4sp auto (V4AW3)
  • NL model Oct 97-Jul 00 (known as Gen 2.5 in US)
  • SWB same as NK
  • LWB same as NK except 3.5 DOHC V6 replaced with 3.5 SOHC V6
GEN 2 - Engine Power Outputs
  • 2.6 Oz (4G54) - 79Kw 196Nm
  • 3.0 V6 (6G72) - 109Kw 234Nm
  • 2.5 TDI (4D56TI) - 73Kw 240Nm
  • 2.8 D (4M40) - 71Kw 198Nm
  • 2.8 TDI (4M40) - 92Kw 292Nm
  • 3.5 DOHC V6 (6G74) - 153Kw 300Nm
  • 3.5 SOHC V6 (6G74) - 140Kw 303Nm
GEN 2 - Transfer Case & Final Drive Ratio's
  • 2.6 - 4.875
  • 2.5 TD & 2.5 TDI - 4.875, 5.29
  • 3.0 V6 - 4.625, 4.875
  • 2.8 D - 4.875
  • 2.8 TDI - 4.90
  • 3.5 DOHC V6 - 4.636

Transfer Case - 1.925:1 low range for 2.6, 2.5 TD, 2.5 TDI & 3.0 V6, 1.90:1 for 2.8 TDI & 3.5 DOHC V6

GEN 3: LEVER SELECT 4WD (Same transfer case as GEN 2)

Manual - 27T spline 30.2mm diameter
Auto - 24T spline 26.5mm diameter

The gears are 3.15:1 low range ratio
Standard gear tooth count, Input gear 19T, Idler gear 25T x 18T, Output 26T

NM model Jul 00-Oct 02 (monocoque body / IRS)
SWB model dropped from the range.
LWB 2.8 TDI 5sp (V5M31) 3.5 SOHC V6 5sp (V5M31) or new 5sp tiptronic auto (V5A51 Invecs 2)
Aug 02 3.2 DID introduced (2.8 TDI dropped)

GEN 3: ELECTRONIC 4WD SELECT (Push Button on Dash)

Manual - 27T spline 30.2mm diameter
Auto - 24T spline 26.5mm diameter

  • NP model Oct 02-Oct 06
  • Traction / stability control introduced
  • LWB 3.5 SOHC V6 5sp (V5M31) or 5sp auto (V5A51) 3.2 DID 5sp (V5M31) or 5sp auto (V5A51)
  • Oct 03 3.8 SOHC introduced only with 5sp auto (V5A51)
  • Jan 05 MATT (Mitsu All Terrain Technology) introduced across model range.
GEN 3 - Engine Power Outputs
  • 2.8 TDI (4M40) - 92Kw 292Nm
  • 3.5 SOHC V6 (6G74) - 140Kw 303Nm
  • 3.2 DID (4M41) - 121Kw 373Nm
  • 3.8 SOHC V6 (6G75) - 150Kw 314Nm
GEN 3 - Transfer Case & Final Drive Ratio's
  • 2.8 TDI - 4.90 5sp man
  • 3.2 DID - 3.90 5sp auto or 4.10 for 5sp man
  • 3.5 SOHC V6 - 4.30 5sp man & 5sp auto
  • 3.8 SOHC V6 - 4.30 5sp auto

Transfer Case - 1.90:1 for all

GEN 4:
  • Manual - 27T spline 30.2mm diameter
  • Auto - 24T spline 26.5mm diameter
  • The gears are 3.15:1 low range ratio
  • The transfer case is the same as the GEN 3 models
  • NS model Oct 06-
  • New body and interior reintroduction of SWB
  • Optional rear diff lock
  • Introduction of MIVEC 3.8 SOHC V6
  • Introduction of common rail injection and DPF on 3.2 CDI
  • Transmissions the same as Gen 3
GEN 4 - Engine Power Outputs 
  • 3.8 SOHC V6 MIVEC (6G75) - 184Kw 329Nm
  • 3.2 CDI (4M41) - 118Kw 378Nm (auto) 125Kw 358Nm (5sp)
GEN 4 - Transfer Case & Final Drive Ratio's
  • 3.8 SOHC V6 MIVEC - 4.30 5sp man and 5sp auto
  • 3.2 CDI - 4.10 5sp man or 3.917 for 5sp auto

Transfer Case - same as Gen 3


Marks 4WD Low Range - Rock Crawling Transfer Case Gears

Toyota LandCruiser Split Transfer Case

These gears have been designed to directly replace all of the Toyota split transfer case gears as fitted to LandCruiser BJ, FJ, LJ, RJ, and HJ models built between 08/1980 through to 01/1990. The MFK1194 gears also fit all HZJ models up until current day including 75, 76, 78 and 79 series.

The idler gear design has been upgraded to accept tapered roller bearings. This new design has some outstanding advantages, firstly the tapered bearings eliminate all gear end float, resulting in reduced transfer case gear slap and nil bore wear. Unlike the original needle roller bearings that brinell the running surface of the bore, if the tapered bearing outer surfaces wear they can be easily replaced whilst retaining the same gear. The High and Low range output gears have been designed to use needle roller bearings as found in Land Cruiser transfer cases fitted with Automatic transmissions. This makes installation much easier as no special equipment is required such as a hydraulic press. Marks 4wd Adaptors now supply these output bearings with with all gear sets and transfer case rebuild kits.

A Note on Gear Noise: In some installations gear noise or singing will be evident when driving in high and low range. This is due to the gear form, pitch and pressure angle changing from standard to achieve the different ratios required for under / overdriving. There are more than 1000 installations around the world performing flawlessly but don’t expect factory quiet gears when changing your transfer case ratio.