LandCruiser 60 & 70 series 55% low range gears with 8% high range under-drive

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This gear set is to suit 5 speed models 10/1984 on with a 38mm diameter idler shaft

To Suit:

  • Toyota LandCruiser - Bundera
  • Toyota LandCruiser - 60 Series
  • Toyota LandCruiser - 70 Series
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Marks 4WD Adaptors manufacture low range reduction gears to suit many Toyota LandCruiser models. These gears are manufactured in house at our facility in Melbourne, Australia. We make four different kits which suit different vehicle applications and requirements.

The 55% reduction gears give you the biggest reduction we offer and transforms your Toyota into an unstoppable off-road machine. Vehicles fitted with automatic transmissions, standard or other wise can also take advantage of the extra low gearing in low range as a dramatic improvement in engine braking is achieved giving much improved off road performance and increased safety. The fitment of larger tyres will also reduce your low range crawling ability. High range is also given an 8% underdrive with this gear set. This change in ratio can be helpful if your vehicle is struggling after fitting larger diameter tyres

Standard Ratio: Low Range 1.959:1 High Range 1:1
New Ratio: Low Range 3.05:1 High Range 1.08:1
To calculate your vehicle's ratio, click here.

The idler gear design has been upgraded to accept tapered roller bearings. This new design has some outstanding advantages, firstly the tapered bearings eliminate all gear end float, resulting in reduced transfer case gear slap and nil bore wear. Unlike the original needle roller bearings that brinell the running surface of the bore, if the tapered bearing outer surfaces wear they can be easily replaced whilst retaining the same gear.

A Note on Gear Noise: In some installations gear noise or singing will be evident when driving in high and low range. This is due to the gear form, pitch and pressure angle changing from standard to achieve the different ratios required for under / overdriving. There are more than 1000 installations around the world performing flawlessly but don’t expect factory quiet gears when changing your transfer case ratio’s.

To Suit:

This gear set is to suit 5 speed models 10/1984 onwards with a 38 mm diameter idler shaft

  • FJ##
  • HJ##
  • BJ##
  • HZJ7#

Does NOT suit these LandCruiser models:

  • FZJ7#
  • HDJ7#
  • VDJ7#

Kit contains:

  • Input gear
  • Idler gear
  • Low range output gear
  • High range output gear
  • Output gear bearings
  • Idler gear tapered bearings
  • Idler shaft
  • Spacers
  • O-rings
  • Lock washer
  • Lock Nut
  • Instructions

Part No. MFK1194LTR

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