Front Hub Axle Spacer Kit - 80 Series

Front Hub Axle Spacer Kit - 80 Series

LandCruiser 100 series part-time 4WD conversion kit

LandCruiser 100 series part-time 4WD conversion kit

Landcruiser 80 series part-time 4WD conversion kit

Part Time Kit 80

Part-time 4WD conversion kit - MFK1210-80HD

To suit HF2A full-time transfer case

  • Toyota Landcruiser 80 series
  • Lexus LX450

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Marks 4WD manufacture this heavy duty part time 4WD conversion kit that fits all 80 series LandCruisers that are factory constant (full time) 4WD. The HF2A (full time) transfer case is fitted to all RV, GXL, and Sahara LandCruisers manufactured from 1990 onwards.

The heavy duty version is supplied with Heavy Duty Free Wheel Hubs. The hubs are fitted with a heat treated carbon steel drive ring. The drive ring in the standard version is made from a cast steel and for this reason is the weakest part of these hubs. Vehicles fitted with front diff locks have been known to break the standard AVM free wheeling hub. The new heavy duty hubs have been designed to strengthen this weak point in the drive line when diff locks are used.

Kit contains:

  • Centre diff spool
  • Heavy duty free wheel hubs - with vehicles built before April 1994 having the option to upgrade to Aisin Hubs
  • Axle spacers (2 x 6mm & 2 x 8mm)
  • OPTIONAL +$110 (inc GST) - Koyo bearing pressed onto the centre diff spool (eliminates the need for special installation tools)
  • Instructions

ABS Live Axle Models

When ABS equipped live axle vehicles are fitted with a Part Time 4WD kit, the ABS sensor reading from the CV joint becomes inoperable and the ABS warning light is displayed on the dash. The ABS relocation kit moves the sensor from the CV joint to the wheel hub and operates as per factory specifications.

Viscous Centre Diffs

Vehicles fitted with viscous coupled centre diffs can still use our Part Time 4WD kit. To complete the installation, you will be required to purchase the 'Centre Diff Lock' button as used on the GXL models. The switch is an easy plug and play with the necessary plug & wiring already provided in the Toyota wiring loom.


The prototype conversion was first fitted to our 6.5 Chevy diesel 80 series in September 1999.

The conversion gave the vehicle a new lease of life with improved handling, better acceleration, and lighter steering. The steering no longer has a tendency to pull hard when powering out of a corner, this must add up to less wear and tear on the steering components such as the tie rod ends and steering box. The steering has also become more direct or positive. The acceleration improved due to the reduction in losses associated with driving the front differential, drive shaft, and CV joints. With these components no longer being driven, a considerable increase in their service life can also be expected.

The fuel consumption also improved by at least 5% in my vehicle while other people have reported as much as 10%.

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