Flywheel to suit GM LS series engines

Flywheel to suit GM LS engines

Flywheel - Commodore V6 series 2 engine

Flywheel - Commodore V6 series 2 engine

Flywheel - Commodore V6 series 1 engine

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Flywheel kit to suit Commodore V6 series 1 engines (6-bolt crank)

To suit:

  • VN
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This flywheel kit is to designed so that an engine out of automatic Commodore can be fitted to a manual transmission. This flywheel can be used for converting an automatic Commodore to a manual transmission (T5). This flywheel is also suitable for our Commodore V6 to manual transmission conversion kits.

NOTE: You will need to reuse your existing auto flex-plate. The flex-plate is bolted to the rear of our flywheel as per the instructions provided.

To suit Holden automatic V6 engine:

  • VN Commodore (6-bolt crank)

To suit our conversion kits:

  • MFK129
  • MFK129B
  • Note: To be used in conjunction with our clutch kit MCK129 for all these kits

Kit contains:

  • Billet flywheel
  • Spigot bush
  • Special aligning & bush fitting tool
  • Clutch dowels
  • Clutch bolts
  • Crankshaft bolts
  • Flexplate bolts
  • Instructions