Radiator & Heater Hose Kit LS Series V8 to 80 series LandCruiser (Electric fans)

Radiator & Heater Hose Kit LS Series V8 to 80 series LandCruiser

LS2 Waterpump Kit to suit LS1 Engines kit MFK1993

LS2 Waterpump Kit to suit LS1 Engines

Engine Driven Fan Kit - V6 Non-ECOTEC

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Engine driven fan kit - Commodore V6 Non-ECOTEC

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Engine Driven Fan

The Commodore V6 engine is not normally fitted with an engine driven cooling fan; the engine ECM controls an electric fan to maintain the engine temperature. This system is normally satisfactory in most conditions however if the vehicle is to be used in sand or heavy off road conditions during the summer months requiring the air conditioning to be used then the electric fans will most likely not do the job and will cause the engine to over heat.

For this reason Marks 4WD Adaptors have now manufactured an engine driven fan. Note: The engine driven fan has been tested on our company Toyota Bundera and Toyota Hilux with great success. The Bundera was used in the sand dunes near Robe, South Australia during the summer of 2001 in temperatures reaching the high 30’s with the air conditioning running flat out. At the time no fan shroud was used however, we have since found that for the air conditioning to work properly in heavy traffic where the engine is idling for long periods of time a fan shroud is required.


Kit Contains:
  • New water pump pulley
  • Aluminum fan adaptor
  • Reverse rotation fan
  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Washers

Note: From the back of the drive pulley to the furthest point forward the thickness of our fan setup is 137mm

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