Speedo Corrector - Landcruiser /  Hilux /  Nissan Patrol

Speedo Corrector - Landcruiser / Hilux / Nissan Patrol

Electronic Speedo Corrector - Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series

Speedo Corrector - VDJ 70 Series, 08/2016 on

Cable Driven Speedo Corrector +20% Ratio

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Ratio Box (+20%) to suit cable driven speedo's using an M22 (metric thread) speedo drive with a round drive cable.

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Cable Driven Speedometer +20% Speedo Correction

Speedometer correction is required for many reasons, with larger tyres being the most common off-road vehicle enhancement requiring one of these units.

Changing your diff ratio also affects the vehicle speedometer causing incorrect speedo readings.


Calculating the Ratio

The most accurate way to determine the correction box to suit your vehicle is to use a GPS unit and compare readings to your speedo.

Drive at 60 km/h using the GPS record the speedometer reading. Repeat this step at 80 km/h and 100 km/h.

To calculate the required percentage, use the following equation

GPS Speed divided by Speedometer Reading multiplied by 100 subtract 100 equals Ratio

e.g. GPS reads 60 km/h and the speedometer reads 51km/h. The equation would be 60/51 x 100 - 100 = 17.65

We always recommend having a safety factor, so with the above example we would recommend a +20% unit

Marks 4WD stock ratio boxes to suit the most common ratio changes.

However, should you need a custom ratio, please contact our office with your speedo reading compared to the GPS readings at 60 km/h, 80km/h and 100km/h, so we can manufacture a custom ratio to suit your vehicle


Kit Includes

  • Ratio box plus + 20% ratio


To Suit

  • All vehicles using an M22 (metric thread) speedo drive with a round cable.


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