Auxiliary (dual) alternator kit - LS1 & LS2 engines - MFK1816NA

Auxiliary (Dual) Alternator Kit - LS1 & LS2 engines

Auxiliary (dual) alternator kit - LS1 & LS2 engines


Dual alternator kit (alternator included)

To suit:

  • LS1 & VZ/WK LS2 engines
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If you need lots of power for winching or just want a bullet proof dual battery system then this is the answer for you.

The alternator is located at the top of the engine in front of the right hand cylinder head. This location keeps the alternator well away from water and mud, both of which will shorten the life expectancy of any engine driven accessory.

The alternator supplied in the kit has an output of 140 amps and can be used to charge the auxiliary battery circuit separately. No battery isolator would be required in this case.

For winching purposes a solenoid should be used to parallel the auxiliary battery to the main battery.

Kit number MFK1816 is supplied with out an alternator can be used to mount a 24v alternator for vehicles using a 24v winch.

Kit Contains:

  • Genuine brand new alternator
  • Charge light & battery sense wire plug
  • Alternator mounting brackets
  • New idler pulley
  • New drive belt
  • Spacers
  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Washers
  • Instructions
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