Fan shroud - LS series engine to Patrol GU RD28 / ZD30

Fan Shroud - LS Series V8 to Patrol GU (RD28 / ZD30)

Engine Mount - LS V8 to GQ/GU Patrol

LS series V8 to Patrol GQ / GU - Engine Mount Kit

LS series V8 to Patrol GU ZD30 - Engine Mount Kit

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Our LS V8 to Nissan Patrol ZD30 engine mounting kit is designed for vehicles fitted with the ZD30 manual 5-speed or GM auto transmissions.

To Suit

  • Nissan Patrol GU - ZD30 (3.0L diesel)


  • Only suits vehicles fitted with the ZD30 5-speed manual transmission or an LS V8 with a GM auto


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Engine Mount Kit to suit LS V8 to Nissan Patrol GU ZD30

The Marks 4WD engine mount kit has been designed to allow the LS1, LS2, LS3 V8 engines to bolt into the GU ZD30 manual vehicles or vehicles running the GM automatic without requiring any welding.

Two holes need to be drilled in the chassis posts using the supplied drilling jig as a guide to allow for the fitment of the new engine mounts. 

The LS engine accessories mounts (alternator & air conditioning) will require modification due to the position of the Patrol chassis rails.

Refer to our Engine Conversions - "Alternator kits" or "Air Conditioning kits" for your accessory mount requirements.


Kit Contains

  • Left & right engine block brackets
  • New engine mount rubbers
  • Engine mount drilling jig
  • All nuts, bolts & washers



  • This kit will only suit vehicles fitted with the GU ZD30 diesel 5-speed manual transmission or an LS V8 engine with GM automatic including 4L65E and 6L80E.


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