TH400 to Landcruiser special sump

TH400 to Landcruiser special sump

TH400 (heavy duty) to Patrol Transfer Case

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Heavy Duty Nissan Patrol engine conversion using the TH400 automatic transmission

To suit:

  • GU / Y61 - 4.5L & 4.8L petrol transfer case
  • GU / Y61 - 3L & 4.2L diesel transfer case
  • GQ / Y60 transfer case - Fabriaction of the low range gear lever mount is required
$2,495.00 $2,268.18

The new adaptor housing has been completely redesigned from the ground up. The cast aluminium housing is fully CNC machined and incorporates additional webbing which allows our heavy duty alloy TH400 sump/oil pan to be bolted directly to it's front face.

The alloy sump/oil pan has a number of features which make it ideal for competition applications. Firstly the sump/oil pan is very heavy duty, it has a rear mounting face which has one flat surface and three heavy webs that attach it to the main body of the sump/oil pan. This rear mounting face is bolted to the face of the adaptor housing, by doing so it is more than doubling the strength of the back of the TH400 main casing.

The sump/oil pan also has a mounting face which allows a large transmission mounting rubber to be fitted in addition to the original Nissan transmission mounting. This allows you to fabricate an additional cross-member support directly under the TH400. The combination of two transmission mounts being fitted will also help to reduce the heavy up and down stresses being applied to the lightweight TH400 bell housing.

The right hand side of the sump/oil pan has been shaped for additional front drive shaft clearance. The oil pan is also equipped with a drain plug for ease of servicing.

The TH400 has an overall case length of 616 mm. When coupled to our 134 mm adaptor housing gives you an overall transmission length of 750 mm. 

Note: The modified main output shaft is sold on a change over basis. If the shaft is not supplied with the original order a deposit of $250.00 will be charged. Change over shafts with a short spline on the front or shafts that are pitted, rusted or heat damaged will not be accepted. The deposit will be refunded when a suitable shaft is received at our factory. All postage or freight charges are the responsibility of the sender.

Kit contains:

  • Adaptor housing
  • Coupler shaft
  • Sump
  • Main output shaft
  • Sump mounting rubber
  • Seal
  • Bolts
  • Instructions
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