Engine mount kit Chev V8 to Landcruiser 40 series HD

Engine mount kit Chev V8 to Landcruiser 40 series HD

Universal Engine Mount Kit to suit LS1

Universal Engine Mount Kit to suit LS1 LS2 LS3

Engine mount & accessory mount kit LS1 series V8 to Hilux (LFS)


LS1 series engine mount & accessory mount kit to suit Toyota Hilux - Leaf front suspension

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Engine Mount Kit Chev V8 to LandCruiser 80 Series with Heavy Duty Engine Mount Rubbers

Kit contains:

  • Left & right chassis brackets
  • Australian made heavy duty engine mounting rubbers
  • Engine mount to block adaptor plates
  • Alternator relocation brackets
  • Pulley
  • Water pump
  • Water pump spacers
  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Washers
  • Spacers


Engine Mountings

The engine mount brackets for the LS V8 engine conversion kit have been designed to weld to the chassis in place of the Hilux chassis brackets. The left hand engine mount rubber in the kit is a heavy duty rebuildable type and the right hand one is a standard rubber type. The right hand (driver side) rubber is softer than the left side, this is to reduce the engine vibrations transmitted to the cabin via the steering column.


Engine Accessories

The engine mount kit comes with all of the required parts to relocate the LS1 alternator to the top of the engine on the right hand side, this includes the brackets, adjuster pulley with re-machined mounting bracket and bolts. The LS1 water pump has a long bell shape pulley and leaves no room in front of the engine to fit a cooling fan. To overcome the problem we fit a shorter LS2 water pump. A LS2 water pump, with gaskets and spacers is supplied in the kit, the spacers move the pump forward enough to allow the LS1 crank pulley to line up with the new LS2 pump pulley.



Part No. MFK1995B