Hydraulic Brake Booster Upgrade - Nissan GU Patrol - MFK20155

Nissan GU ABS Patrol with an LS V8 Engine - Hydraulic Brake Booster Upgrade

Hydraulic Brake Booster Upgrade - Nissan GQ Patrol - MFK20250

Nissan GQ Patrol - Hydraulic Brake Booster Upgrade

Nissan GU Patrol - Hydraulic Brake Booster Upgrade

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To Suit Nissan Patrol - GU / Y61 non ABS vehicle fitted with:

  • TB48 - 4.8L Petrol

Bolt in Hydraulic Brake Booster upgrade kit - complete with hoses and all required parts for installation.

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Hydraulic Brake Booster Upgrade Kit To Suit 4.8L Petrol GU / Y61 Nissan Patrol with ABS

We use AC Delco hydraulic brake booster units that we buy from AC Delco in the US. Once they arrive they are stripped and machined so they are a bolt in fit to the Nissan GU Patrols.

The hydraulic brake booster unit runs off the power steering pump in line with the steering box. The vehicles steering remains unaffected. This style of hydraulic unit has been used in braking systems for decades in most Ford and Chevrolet heavy duty vehicles, they are well proven for reliability and performance. The line pressure in the braking system is increased when using the hydraulic unit from around 1,000 PSI up to around 2,000 PSI depending on model. As the pressure is increased we recommend at a minimum to replace your old factory rubber brake lines - we offer ADR approved stainless steel braided brake lines at a discounted price when purchased with the hydraulic brake booster kit.

We have had the vehicles tested by our engineer and can provide the testing documentation to allow you to get the unit approved into your vehicle.

Advantages of our upgrade kit:

  • Reduced pedal effort
  • Increased stopping power
  • More responsive brake pedal
  • Engineered to meet VSB14 requirements

Kit contains:

  • Genuine AC Delco hydraulic brake booster - modified to suit the Patrol
  • Power steering pump to hydraulic brake booster unit hose
  • Hydraulic brake booster to power steering box hose
  • Low pressure return hose
  • Return line T piece
  • Brake master to block braided line
  • Hose clamps
  • Instructions

Optional items we recommend fitting when doing the hydraulic brake booster upgrade:

  • ADR approved stainless steel braided brake lines - made to suit your vehicle and suspension lift
  • High temp QFM A1RM brake pads
  • High quality Delios slotted brake rotors
  • New brake master cylinder

 Note: The hoses supplied with this unit will only fit right hand drive vehicles

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