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Duramax Allison 6 speed auto to Nissan Patrol GU Transfer Case Adaptor

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Nissan Patrol GU engine conversion using the Allison automatic 5 or 6 speed transmission

To suit:

  • GU / Y61 - all models
$3,900.00 $3,545.45

This adaption package is designed to fit the Allison 5 or 6 speed automatic transmission to the Nissan Patrol GU transfer case.

This custom made adaption kit is engineered and manufactured exclusively by Mark's 4WD Adaptors. It can be used in any Nissan Patrol, however we recommend using the ZD30 manual tailshafts, crossmember and low range lever for ideal engine position.

The Nissan transfer case stays in the factory position when using our adaptor housing allowing you to run standard drive shafts. We supply a new input gear for the transfer case which accepts the factory Allison 4WD output shaft - no coupler shaft is required. Engine mounts are weld in and require the original chassis posts to be removed.

Kit contains:

Transfer Case Adaptor
  • Cast aluminium adaptor housing
  • Transfer case input gear
  • Speed sensor
  • Bearings & seals

Note: A body lift is not required for this conversion. If a body lift is fitted you will have more room for exhaust, fuel lines, bonnet clearance, etc.

Note 2:A GQ transfer case can be used but fabrication for the low range lever is required.

Note 3:Some early LB7 engines had a different oil filter mount which needs to be changed to fit our oil filter rotation kit.

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