Sanden SD7H15 (508 Style) 6PK 12v Compressor

Sanden 508 Style 6PK 12v Compressor

Accessory Mount Kit 12v Alternator RH & Sanden LH - VE-VF LS2/3

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Accessory Mount Kit 12v Alternator Right Hand Top & Sanden Compressor Left Hand Top - VE-VF LS2/3

To suit:

  • 6.0 LS2 VE/WM V8
  • 6.2 LS3 VE/VF V8
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Marks 4WD have designed and manufactured this alternator kit to high mount your factory 12v alternator on the right hand top and a Sanden A/C Compressor on the left hand top of your 6.0lt VE LS2 or 6.2lt VE/VF LS3 engine. 

This setup can work for many different vehicles such as 4wds, hot rods, classic cars and more. The Sanden Compressor could be used for A/C or as an air compressor.

The kit includes brackets for fitment of the alternator, Sanden compressor, brackets to mount the power steering reservoir and move the coil pack for clearance, idler pulley, power steering reservoir hose, belt and all hardware for installation.

Note: If you are running a VF engine you will need to purchase the VE power steering pump and reservoir to make full use of this kit (VF engines run electronic power steering)

Note: This kit is perfect if you are running our bolt in engine mount kit for the 4.5/4.8 Nissan Patrol as you cannot run low mount accessories.

Note: If your engine has non standard pulleys, tensioner or harmonic balancer the belt supplied may not fit - you will have to purchase the correct belt.

The bracket is designed for a CM7865 Sanden compressor with a CP7402 rear housing.

Kit contains:

  • 12v Right Hand Top Relocation Brackets
  • Sanden Left Hand Top Brackets
  • Idler Pulley
  • Coil Pack Bracket
  • Power Steering Reservoir Bracket & Hose
  • Belt
  • Spacers
  • All fixing hardware

To suit:

  • 6.0 LS2 VE/WM V8
  • 6.2 LS3 VE/VF V8

Part No. MFK21010