Digital Speedo Corrector - 80 Series Toyota LandCruiser - MFK2800-80

Digital Speedo Corrector - 80 Series Toyota LandCruiser

Digital Speedo Corrector - GQ Nissan Patrol

Digital Speedo Corrector - GQ Nissan Patrol

Digital Speedo Corrector - GU Nissan Patrol

  • Nissan Patrol - GU / Y61

Nearly a Plug & Play Kit - Plug in the GU Patrol speed sensor, connect power & earth.

$265.00 $240.91

Shipping delayed 6 to 8 weeks


Electronic Speedometer Correction Unit - GU / Y61 Nissan Patrol

This unit is almost plug & play  - Plug the genuine Nissan connectors into the speed sensor and connect ignition power and earth to the unit.

Kit Contains:

  • Multi program electronic speedometer correction unit
  • Nissan Patrol GU / Y61 wiring loom
  • Connectors
  • Instructions

The new Marks 4WD Speedometer Correction Unit is the first of its kind for a few reasons:

  • Enter your factory tyre size and then your new tyre size - the unit will calculate the required change
  • Enter tyre details in metric (265/75 r16) or imperial (33x12.5 r15)
  • Adjust by a percentage change only
  • Adjustable in 0.5% steps so you can get your speedometer set accurately
  • LCD display
  • You can adjust and save the programs in real time while driving the vehicle


We recommend using a GPS to check your speedometer once your speedometer correction unit has been set.

  • If your vehicle is a 2012 model or newer please check if it has a speed sensor located on the transfer case - if it does have the sensor this unit will work in your vehicle

    Our digital speedo corrector units are 100% designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia. The team who designed the unit also sell the unit. Local Australian phone/email support if you need assistance for installation or programming.


    Note: If your speedometer is not perfectly accurate though the entire range, our unit cannot fix this.

    (Size: 713.5 KB)
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