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Bonnet Strut Kit - 2007 to 8/2016

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This bonnet strut kit is for the VDJ 70 series LandCruisers (pre 08/2016).

To Suit:

  • VDJ76
  • VDJ78
  • VDJ79
$210.00 $190.91

This bonnet strut kit is designed specifically for the VDJ 70 series LandCruisers (pre 08/2016).

It makes opening and closing the heavy LandCruiser bonnet a breeze and allows for unrestricted easy access to the engine bay.

Kit includes:

  • Gas Struts
  • Ball Studs
  • Brackets
  • Nutserts
  • Associated fittings
  • Instructions

Easy installation that can be done at home with a few tools or by any workshop.

Note: Check clearance along guards. Aftermarket accessories or secondary battery bracket can foul on struts when the bonnet is closed if they run along the guards. We offer an optional bracket for a dual battery tray that allows for clearance of the struts. The bracket is slotted to allow for fitment to different styles of tray. Although we have not encountered any dual battery trays that do not suit the bracket we cannot guarantee this bracket will suit your specific application.

Note: You will need to have access to an M6 nutsert/rivnut tool for installation

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