Engine mount kit Chev V8 to Patrol GQ/GU

Engine Mount Kit - Chev V8 to Patrol GQ/GU

Engine mount kit Holden V8 to Patrol GQ/GU

Engine Mount Kit - Holden V8 to Patrol GQ/GU

Engine Mount Kit - Chev V8 to Patrol GQ/GU HD

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Heavy duty engine mount kit Chev V8 petrol & diesel (weld in kit)

To suit:

  • Patrol GQ & GU (coil sprung only)
$550.00 $500.00

This kit consists of replacement chassis brackets which are welded to the chassis rails and utilise our heavy duty rebuildable engine mounting rubbers.

The rubbers are designed to replace the standard Chev engine mounting rubbers which are used in the majority of our our Chev engine kits. The distance between the mounting lugs on the chassis side of the rubber measures 73mm (2 7/8"). The rebuildable rubbers are 10mm (3/8") higher than the standard Chev rubbers.

These rubbers have been designed for extreme, heavy duty applications such as off road racing, winch challenge, and rock crawling vehicles. They are also perfect for vehicles fitted with high performance V8 engines, petrol or diesel which are used for towing and or hard off road use.

A rebuild kit is available and consists of eight urethane bushes.

The engine mountings have been designed to give you sufficient legal sump to differential clearance when using a rear bowl GM sump.

NOTE: The engine mounting kits will only suit the coil sprung front-end vehicles. Early cab chassis GQ and Ford Maverick vehicles were fitted with leaf springs.

Kit contains:
  • Left & right chassis brackets
  • Heavy duty rebuildable engine mounting rubbers
  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Washers