Interface wiring harness - VT & VX LS1

Interface wiring harness - VT & VX LS1

Full engine wiring harness - LS1

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Full turn key engine wiring harness to suit LS1 / GEN3 engines - cable throttle body

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This loom replaces the original GM engine loom and is fitted with all of the required relays, fuses and plugs to connect the PCM to the engine. The loom is fitted with the standard GM diagnostic plug to make fault finding a breeze.

To help with the installation and any additional interfacing to the vehicle we have included a 9 pin D connector which has the inputs and outputs for the following:

  • Tacho output
  • VSS input
  • TPS output
  • Knock sensor output
  • Engine check light (LS1 only)
  • Ground
  • Ignition B+

NOTE 1: This kit will NOT suit engines being fitted with GM auto transmissions

NOTE 2: Only suits engines fitted with cable throttle bodies

Kit contains:

  • Full engine wiring harness / loom
  • Instructions