4L80E to LandCruiser HF1A Transfer Case

Transfer Case Adaptor - 4L80E to LandCruiser 70, 80 Series (HF1A Case)

6L80E to LandCruiser 5-speed manual HF2A transfer case - MFP1945

Transfer Case Adaptor - 6L80E to LandCruiser 80 / 100 Series 5-speed (HF2A Case)

Transfer Case Adaptor - 6L80E to LandCruiser 80 / 100 Series Auto (HF2A Case)

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Toyota LandCruiser V8 engine conversion using the 6L80E & 6L90 automatic transmission


  • 80 & 100 series LandCruiser
    full-time 4WD HF2A 4-speed auto transfer case
$1,845.00 $1,677.27

Suits LandCruiser 80 & 100 series full time 4wd HF2A transfer case

The adaptor housing that replaces the LandCruiser 4 speed automatic with the HF2A transfer case is 205mm/8.07" long.

The combined length is the same as the Toyota 4 speed automatic fitted with our MFK1045# or MFK1060# engine adaptor housing.

The hi-low 4WD-lever housing is simply bolted to the top of the new adaptor housing.

The automatic transmission main output shaft is retained therefore the transmission will not require dis-assembly.

NOTE: All of the engine mounting, cooling, engine sump, headers etc used to fit the LS2 into a LandCruiser with our MFK1060G3 or MFK1045G3 kits can be used with this transmission.

NOTE: In left hand drive (LHD) vehicles you may have clearance issues requiring you to move the power steering pump

The 6L80E has an overall case length of 590mm/23.23" without the extension housing.

The 6L90E tranmission is 35mm longer than the 6L80E transmission, therefore the transfer case is moved rearwards and modifications to the mounts, tail shaft lengths and shifter mounts will be required. The 6L90E transmission has 2 output shafts - this conversion is only suitable for the Holden HSV style (32T output shaft)  transmission from the 6.2 LSA engine.

Kit contains:

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