Mitsubishi Engine Conversions


Commodore V6 Engine Requirements

You will need to obtain the following components.

The Commodore V6 engine, complete with the main engine wiring harness, the ECM computer and memcal. Other accessories such as the map sensor, purge canister, air cleaner and ducting, air conditioning compressor and power steering pump, engine pipes and catalytic converter, external fuel pump and damper.

The standard Commodore in tank, fuel pump cannot be used. We recommend you use an external EFI Commodore V6/V8 pump (GM part number 92017845), damper (GM part number 90067820) and the rubber insulating sleeve that slides over the fuel pump (GM part number 9292730).


The manual conversion kit is for the installation of a Holden Commodore V6 or Oldsmobile 3.8Ltr EFI V6 engine and is designed to replace the Mitsubishi 2.6 litre, 4- cylinder petrol engine (carby model), as well as the 2.5 litre 4 cylinder diesel engine.

This kit will allow for the GM V6 engine to be fitted to the original gearbox found in the vehicle.

The adaptors have been designed to allow adequate firewall clearance therefore eliminating the need to move the transfer case or modify drive shafts.

The Mitsubishi Pajero engine mounting kit MFK790 enables the use of the standard GM engine bracket located on the left side of the engine and also allows for the use of the standard GM air conditioning compressor if required.

A special engine sump will need to be fabricated to allow the fitting of the Commodore V6 engine into the Mitsubishi Pajero.

Comprehensive fitting instructions are supplied and limited after sales technical support is provided



These engines can be fitted in conjunction with the GM 4 speed automatics by using our auto adaptor kits to the Mitsubishi transfer case, as listed below.

Mitsubishi Pajero Engine Conversions using GM automatic transmissions

4L60E - 4 Bolt (4 speed electronic automatic transmission)

Commodore models - Late VR & VS

The transmission is electronically controlled by the engine management system.

Gear Ratios - (1st - 3.06:1) (2nd - 1.62:1) (3rd - 1:1) (4th - 0.70:1)

4L60E - 6 Bolt (4 speed electronic automatic transmission)

Commodore models - VT, VX, VY, VZ & VE

The transmission is electronically controlled by the engine management system.

Gear Ratios - (1st - 3.06:1) (2nd - 1.62:1) (3rd - 1:1) (4th - 0.70:1)

TH700 (4 speed automatic transmission)

Commodore Models - VN, VP & early VR

Gear Ratios - (1st - 3.06:1) (2nd - 1.62:1) (3rd - 1:1) (4th - 0.70:1)

The 700R-4 was available in two different case variations. The standard GM V8 version will bolt directly to the Chevy V8 petrol, Chevy V8 diesel and Turbo pattern Holden 5L V8 304/308 engines. If you intend using a 253 Holden V8 or a Trimatic pattern 308 you would need to adapt the automatic transmission to the engine with an adaptor plate, they are generally available from any speed shop.

The V6 Commodore was also fitted with the 700R-4 transmission. The V6 transmission has a different bolt pattern to the V8 version and therefore, will only bolt to a Commodore V6 engine. The 700R-4 is an excellent choice as an automatic transmission in a 4WD vehicle as it features a low 1st gear, lower than any other GM auto, and an overdrive top gear, ideal for highway cruising.

The 700R-4 utilises a lock up torque converter for improved efficiency. The engine ECM controls the lock up. To perform this operation the ECM requires a speed input from the vehicle speed sensor or VSS.

The Commodore 700R-4 automatic transmission was replaced by the 4L60-E in the 1993 VR model, they then changed the rear housing to a 6 bolt setup during the VT Commodore era. The transmission is electronic and is controlled by the engine management computer.

Flywheel / Starter Motors

Electric fan

The Commodore V6 has an electric fan (and shroud) that will not fit in the Mitsubishi engine bay. You will be required to source an alternative electric fan, we recommend using a Davis Craig DC16 or similar.


Most Commodore V6 vehicles are fitted with automatic transmissions, some of which are fitted with flywheels. All engines with an automatic transmission usually have a flex plate fitted with a starter ring gear and engine balance weight. As part of the kits sold, you can purchase a flywheel that bolts up behind the automatic flex plate thereby retaining the ring gear and the original engine balance.
The photos below show a VS flywheel that has been fitted to a flex plate.

Flywheel fitted to flex plate  Flywheel fitted to flex plate

Starter Motor

Fitting the Commodore V6 to a manual transmission requires manual starter motor. The starter motor for the manual has the pinion gear protruding while the starter motor for an automatic has a nose housing around the pinion gear. Marks 4WD sell a manual starter motor which has been designed to use the original automatic starter motor mounting bolts to secure it to the engine block.

Marks 4WD starter motor

Manual starter sold by Marks 4WD Adaptors

starter motor for an auto

Automatic starter


Fuel and Bracket Kits

These fuel and bracket kits are for Holden Commodore, Chevy, Nissan, Toyota and Ford V6 and V8 EFI engines to enable them to be fitted into any vehicle.

NOTE: If your vehicle was originally fitted with a carburettor engine then your fuel tank and supply lines will not suit an EFI fuel pump without the use of a surge tank. The purpose of the surge tank is to prevent the high pressure fuel pump from sucking air or cavitation from lack of fuel flow through undersized intake lines. If the high pressure pump sucks air or cavitates, premature wear will result causing the output pressure to drop, reducing performance or stopping the engine from running, seizing the pump is also possible.

See EFI mounting brackets MFK682 or MFK683 for information.

Surge Tank

Vehicles previously fitted with carbie engines are commonly being re-powered with Commodore, Chevy, and Oldsmobile EFI V6 and V8 petrol engines. Chevy diesel engines are also commonly fitted and effected by the following;

When the vehicle was fitted with a carburettor no problems were experienced as the carbie bowl acted as a reservoir and prevented fuel starvation. Unfortunately EFI engines rely on constant fuel pressure for the injectors to operate properly. In a lot of cases the fuel tanks are not equipped with baffles that prevent fuel starvation when accelerating, cornering quickly or climbing steep hills.

In addition to this, in some cases the fuel supply line is too small for the high volume high pressure pump and it causes cavitations in the pump.

To over come this we have developed a surge tank that is used in conjunction with a low pressure lift pump. The lift pump is mounted on the side of the surge tank and transfers fuel into the surge tank (holding approximately 1ltr of fuel). When full an over flow pipe caries the excess fuel back to the fuel tank.

A 12mm outlet in the top of the tank provides an unrestricted fuel supply to the high pressure fuel pump. This outlet is also fitted with a pickup tube suspended approximately 25mm from the bottom of the surge tank reducing the intake of heavy material and water. For ease of servicing a drain plug is included. Return fuel from the engine is plumbed into the top of the surge tank through a separate fitting.

The tank is supplied with all fittings, lift pump, mounting bracket, hardware and instructions.

Surge tank fitted

Surge tank fitted to a Hilux chassis rail.
Note the low pressure lift pump bolted to the bracket on the side of the surge tank.

For surge tank information refer to MFK1410 or MFK1410B.


Interface Wiring Loom Kits

A universal interface wiring loom kit for the fitting of Commodore V6 and V8 EFI engines to any vehicle is available. This loom kit is fitted with EFI, fan, A/C, fuel pump relays, and fusses along with the original GM plugs that correspond with the engine loom.

Refer to MFK648MFK648ST or MFK648T for wiring loom information. The few remaining trailing wires are labelled to show you where to connect them.

Diagnostic Test Lights

Commodore V6 and V8 vehicles are fitted with with a diagnostic test light to alert the driver of electronic component failure associated with the engine management system. Marks 4WD Adaptors manufacture a diagnostic test light, switch and loom that can be fitted into any vehicle fitted with a Commodore V6 or V8 engine requiring simple and quick engine management diagnostics.

Refer to MFK1453 or MFK1453EC for diagnostic test light kit information.

Vats / Mem-cal Reprogramming


Commodore VT engine management computers require a stream of data to be sent to it from the body control module prior to starting the engine. This is part of the vehicles anti theft system. The stream of data required by the ECM/PCM is a special. The input to the ECM/PCM can be switched off by changing the program information in the mem-cal.

We stock Commodore V6 and V8 EFI engine mem-cals that have been re-programmed to ignore the anti-theft input signal and can be supplied on an exchange or out-right basis.

Refer to MEM6VTA (auto kit) or MEM6VTM (manual kit) for more informaiton.

Body Control Simulator

Commodore VR and VS engine computers (PCM's) require a security signal from the body control module before the engine can be started. The BCM simulator is programmed to supply the correct security signal allowing the engine to be started.

The simulator is programmed to send both VR and VS security codes and is also equipped with an output to control a relay for the engine cooling fan. This option will only work with VS models.

We manufacture a Commodore body control simulator that suits V6 and V8 EFI PCM's.

Refer to MFKSIM01 for more informaiton.