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Portal Axles installed on our dual cab
  • The higher clearance that the Portal Axles offer allows an increase in the approach and departure angle from factory standard
  • The higher clearance that the Portal Axles offer allows an increase in the approach and departure angle from factory standard
  • Toyota VDJ79 LandCruiser Portal Axles
  • Toyota VDJ79 LandCruiser Portal Axles underneath the vehicle from the front
  • Transmission drum hand brake on transfer case
  • Transmission drum hand brake on transfer case
  • Heavy duty one piece swivel housings

Toyota VDJ LandCruiser Portal Axles


Quick Overview

Marks 4WD Portal Axles are the ultimate upgrade for your VDJ 70 series Toyota LandCruiser offering an extra six inches of clearance underneath the differentials whilst also providing an upgraded handbrake, an increase and correction of track width, upgraded brakes and much, much more.

The Portal Axles are designed to suit the following vehicles;

  • VDJ76, VDJ78, VDJ79
  • GRJ71, GRJ76, GRJ78, GRJ79


You might have heard about Portal Axles before but what are they, why do you need them and apart from massive amounts of clearance what else can Marks 4WD offer your VDJ 70 series Toyota LandCruiser.

Let's start with the basics, what are they? Portal Axles are a reduction gearbox that creates a step between the axles and the wheel hub. This reduction gearbox raises the height of the axles from the centre wheel line by four inches. We don’t stop there though! The gearing in the Portal Axles is designed specifically to run thirty five inch tyres raising the underbody by a further two inches allowing your vehicle to boast an impressive six inches or one hundred and fifty millimetres of extra clearance over factory. 

**The torque load which is normally exerted on the differential, axles and constant velocity joints is transferred into the portal transmissions. The amount of load transferred is proportional to the gear ratio used in the transmission. The gear reduction of 1.16:1 offers a load reduction of 16%.**

Height Comparison between factory Toyota LandCruiser and Toyota LandCruiser installed with Portal Axles

Ok so the clearance is massive, is that all that Portal Axles offer you?

Absolutely not! The clearance and stance of our Portal Axle installed vehicles are definitely impressive and will have you turning heads wherever you go, but that’s not all the Portal Axles offer you. Due to the addition of the gearboxes at the wheel hubs, the installation of Portal Axles increases the track width creating a sturdier stance that increases your stability on and off the road. While increasing the track width, we also take the opportunity to correct the difference between the front and rear track that the 70 series comes from factory with. Having your front and rear track in line with each other reduces the workload of your cruiser when pushing through soft sand, snow or stones.

**The Portals are designed to run 35" tyres which gives correct steering geometry.

Driveline vibrations are a common experience when large suspension lifts are fitted. With minimal or no suspension lift along with reduced driveline angles, no drive shaft vibrations are experienced. This is due to the universal joints operating within their designed operating range.**

See Frequently Asked Questions below for more information on common queries or call our sales staff on 03 9552 6555 for more information.

Key Features of the Portal Axles

  • Comfort, comfort & comfort - now you can get the most out of your vehicle off road and not sacrifice the on road ride quality.
  • With the addition of 35" tyres, the total increase in ground clearance is approximately 150mm (6") over standard
  • When 35" tyres are fitted, the differential to ground clearance is equivalent to having a standard live axle fitted with 43" tyres
  • Improved articulation is experienced due to the increase in the vehicle track
  • Less body sway is experienced due to the standard height springs and retention of the sway bars.
  • The 16% gear reduction offers this same percentage increase in strength to all of the transmission components from the CV joints back to the engine
  • The oil supplied with the portal assemblies is high quality full synthetic
  • The portal axle assemblies are supplied with breather hoses, manifold, and filters
  • Portal vehicles have undergone brake and lane change testing in line with second stage of manufacture compliance and have easily passed all the required tests to ensure they are road legal across Australia.
  • GVM increased to 3950kg for 79 series, 3780kg for 76 & 78 series
  • Upgraded braking with slotted brake rotors, ceramic brake pads and stainless steel braided brake lines
  • Air operated free wheeling hubs
  • Rear axle track corrected to match the front axle
  • Transmission drum handbrake on the transfer case
  • Heavy duty one piece swivel housing



What is included involved in a Portal Axle build on a vehicle?

  • Brand new front and rear axle assemblies
  • Axle housings are checked for straightness and straightened if required
  • Additional bracing welded to housing and re-checked for straightness
  • Axle housings, swivel housings, struts and portal housings painted prior to assembly
  • Diff centre fitted with
  • Ring and Pinion ratio changed if requested
  • Factory diff lock or of fitment TJM, ARB or EATON if required
  • Swivel housings fitted using new king pin bearings and knuckle seals
  • Additional king pin bearing in the form of a ball joint fitted below the lower king pin
  • Front axle assembled using all new CV joints, axles, gears, shafts, bearings and seals
  • Slotted high performance brake rotors front and rear
  • LandCruiser 4 pot front and single pot rear brake calipers
  • High temperature brake pads
  • New ADR approved braided brake lines replacing all rubber hoses

Optional extras:

Are Portal Axles legal in all states and territories of Australia?

Yes Portal Axles are 100% legal across Australia under the national second stage of manufacture for brand new vehicles.

For brand new, pre-registered vehicles, Marks 4WD Portal Axles are installed by one of our certified installers before the vehicle is registered and the installation is sighted by an engineer who provides all paperwork required to register the vehicle and compliance plate

Vehicles that have already been registered are still able to have Portal Axles installed legally, however they will need to pass an engineering inspection and comply with all conditions that are associated. Please contact us on 03 9552 6555 to discuss the requirements necessary to comply with engineering on a preregistered vehicle.

Do I need to lift my suspension?

A suspension lift is not required, which keeps the control arms, and pan hard rods flat.

Many customers change to heavier springs when fitting the usual long list of off road accessories such as long range fuel tanks, water tank, drawer system, dual batteries, winch and the usual front and rear bar work etc. Good quality shock absorbers are a must due to the extra unsprung weight of the Portals and larger tyres, we have had good experience with both Ironman 4x4 and King shocks but can supply whatever shocks are specified.

One of the advantages of minimal suspension modifications is better handling due to no increase in bump steer. A softer ride can also be experienced with virtually flat control arms and better tracking due to, unchanged caster angle.

How often do I need to service the Portals?

We recommend servicing the Portal Axles every 10,000kms with your Toyota service. When changing the oil we recommend using Penrite Pro Gear 80W-140 Full Synthetic Gear Oil for the best results. You require about 3L of oil to service a Portal vehicle.

GVM, GCM & towing information:

The towing capacity is 3500kg & the GCM is 6800kg
The GVM has increased from 3300kg to 3780kg or 3950kg (model dependent)
Please note: when the vehicle is loaded to GVM of 3780kg or 3950kg, the towing capacity is reduced to 3020kg or 2850kg respectfully

What tyre and rim combinations can I run?

With the Portal Axles fitted the rims required are a high positive offset rim with the LandCruiser 5 x 150 stud pattern. We have used wheels from ROH, CSA and genuine Toyota.  See options below:

  • 17 x 8 +60 & +47 offset
  • 17 x 9 +47 & +40 offset
  • 18 x 9 +47 & +40 offset

Tyres to suit the 17 x 8 inch rims are limited to 315/70/17, on the 17 x 9 rims you can run 315/70/17 or 35 x 12.5 R17 and on 18 x 9 rims you can run 305/70/18 or 35 x 12.5 R18

Are parts easy to find and replace?

The front and rear wheel hubs and bearings are standard items as found in the 70 Series Toyota LandCruisers.

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