Welcome to Marks4WD Adaptors, the premier leaders in Australia for research, development, and manufacturing of cutting-edge 4WD engine and transmission conversion kits. With a rich history dating back to our establishment in Melbourne in 1979, we have solidified our position as pioneers in the industry. We take immense pride in our products which have gained recognition worldwide, with our export market covering numerous countries from the U.S.A., South Africa, New Zealand, Indonesia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and many parts of Europe.

At Marks4WD Adaptors, we are dedicated to continuous research and development to cover a wide range of 4WD vehicles found in Australia.

Located in Dingley, Victoria, our manufacturing plant is equipped with advanced CAD software to design our products, ensuring they meet the highest standards.

Our Marks 4WD Adaptor products undergo a design process utilizing the latest CAD software, incorporating information from our research and development workshop. To ensure accuracy and maintain our high standard of finish, all components are manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC computerized machining centers.

We are here to assist you with any inquiries on our products & services or specific requirements, therefore please feel free to contact our experienced 4wd sales staff with your enquiry.

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