Tyre, Transfer & Diff Calculator for calculating wheels speeds at both low and high range in all your gears.


If required, you can manually enter your transmission gear ratios in the fields below.

For more information regarding transmissions/gearboxes refer to Engine & Gearbox Information

Diff Ratio:

This may also be referred to as "Axle (Gear) Ratio".

Tyre & Wheel Size
Sidewall Height: 
Wheel Diameter:    
or    Diameter (inches): 
Transfer Case

Low Range:

High Range:

Engine RPM

Engine RPM:

Final Calculations

These speeds are calculated from the above information. Due to slight differences in your setup, the actual speeds may be slightly different.


Transmission GearsRatioHigh Range (KPH)Low Range (KPH)
1st Gear
2nd Gear
3rd Gear
4th Gear
5th Gear
6th Gear
Reverse Gear


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