ABS Relocation Kit – Toyota LandCruiser 80, 105 Series

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ABS Relocation kit to suit the Toyota LandCruiser 80, 105 Series fitted with our Part-Time 4WD kit

To Suit

  • Toyota LandCruiser 80, 105 series
  • Lexus LX450


SKU: MFK2045
Marks 4WD

ABS Relocation Kit to suit Toyota LandCruiser 80, 105 Series

Marks 4WD ABS relocation kit relocates the sensor from the factory position on the CV joint to behind the disc rotor on the wheel hub.

When ABS-equipped live axle vehicles are fitted with a Part-Time 4WD kit, the ABS sensor reading from the CV joint becomes inoperable, resulting in the ABS warning light being displayed on the dash.

Our kit relocates the sensor from the CV joint to the wheel hub allowing the ABS to function as per original factory specifications.


Kit Includes

  • Front ABS reluctor rings
  • Reluctor mounting boss
  • ABS Brackets
  • Shims
  • Axle hub dust seals
  • Bracket cable mounts
  • Welsh plugs
  • Bolts, Washers
  • Downloadable Instructions (requires login)


To Suit

  • Toyota Landcruiser 80, 105 series
  • Lexus LX450



  • This kit is Not required if your vehicle has IFS (Independent Front Suspension)

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