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Nissan Patrol ZD30 Oil Catch Can Kit

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A full bolt in Mann+Hummel oil catch can kit to suit the Nissan Patrol ZD30.

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Installing an oil catch can stops the oil vapour that comes from the engine being put back into the intake, coating the turbo and intercooler with oil. If your vehicle has EGR (exhaust gas re-circulation) when the oily vapour mixes with the exhaust gas it creates a sticky black sludge that will build up in the intake area eventually causing damage to your engine.

The Man Hummel Provent 100 oil catch can is an industry leader and has a proven history for reliability.

The Marks 4WD ZD30 oil catch can kit includes a custom mounting bracket, Genuine Mann+Hummel Provent 100 Oil Catch Can and filter, custom moulded hoses and all fixing hardware. Replacement filters are available, click here for more information.

Kit contains:

  • Mounting Brackets
  • Genuine Mann+Hummel Provent 100 Oil Catch Can
  • Oil filter (fitted inside catch can)
  • Custom moulded hoses
  • Drain valve
  • All fixing hardware
(Size: 590.3 KB)
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