EFI Fuel Pump, Bracket Kit & Filter- LS V8 Engines

EFI fuel pump, filter & bracket kit

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  • LS V8 engines
Brands: Marks 4WD
Marks 4WD

AUD$495.00 (Excl. Tax AUD$450.00)


Walbro EFI Fuel Pump, Bracket Kit & Filter to suit LS V8 Engines

The fuel system will need to be upgraded when fitting Chevy LS engines to all vehicles. The engine requires a constant fuel flow with a pressure of 60psi.

For vehicles that were previously carbureted or diesel engines, a surge tank must be used, and for all models, a high-performance EFI fuel pump and a suitable fuel pressure regulator will need to be fitted.

For this application, Marks4WD Adaptors have manufactured an optional stainless steel surge tank that comes with the required brackets, lift pump, fittings, hoses and hose clamps to do the job. The surge tank is supplied with a 1/2″ outlet to supply the EFI pump without restriction.

Marks 4WD Adaptors also stock fuel pressure regulators for the LS engines.


Kit Includes

  • High-pressure fuel pump – Walbro
  • High-pressure fuel filter
  • Fuel pump and damper bracket
  • Fuel pump clamp
  • High-pressure fuel filter bracket
  • Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Washers
  • Downloadable Instructions (requires login)




To Suit

  • LS V8 engines

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