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Overdrive 5th Gear Set - Patrol

Part Number: MFK730

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Quick Overview

Overdrive 5th Gear to suit Nissan Patrol 5 speed manual gearbox

  • GQ & GU Patrol
  • Y60 &Y61 Safari

All models (excluding 2.8L diesel and 3.0L petrol)



These gears have been designed to directly replace the Nissan Patrol 5-speed overdrive gears as fitted to all models from 1988 on (excluding the 2.8L diesel 5-speed gear box and the 3.0L petrol 5-speed gear box)

Marks4wd new 5th gear ratio's are as follows:

Original 5th GQ and GU 0.84:1 Marks 4WD 5th Gear 0.74:1 = 10% reduction in engine revs over standard
Original 5th GU 4.5L 0.91:1 Marks 4WD 5th Gear 0.74:1 = 15% reduction in engine revs over standard
Original 5th GU 4.8L 0.88:1 Marks 4WD 5th Gear 0.66:1 = 25% reduction in engine revs over standard

Nissan updated all GU Patrols as of 08/2004 with a longer spline main shaft and 5th gear.

Note: The gear ratios in the 3.0lt CRD Patrol are different - we haven't confirmed the ratio change in these vehicles.

This modification was done to prevent them from wearing out the main shaft and 5th gear spline which was found to be too small for the heavy loads that the vehicles were expected to haul.

Mark 4WD 5th gear set have been designed with this improvement in mind.

Early model Patrols (pre-2004) with the short spline 5th gear can be fitted with the new gear provided the spline is in good condition.

A shorter spacer which fits between the gear and the circlip on the main shaft is required.

The gears can be fitted with the gearbox in the vehicle, however the transfer case does have to be removed. Installation is relatively simple allowing the job to be undertaken by most mechanical work shops.

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