Terrain Tamer Twin Diaphragm Brake Booster – LandCruiser VDJ70, GDJ70, GRJ70 Series (With ABS)

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To Suit – Toyota LandCruiser (With ABS)

  • GDJ76, 78, 79 (09/23 -)
  • GRJ79 (08/12-)
  • HZJ78, 79 (08/12-)
  • VDJ76, 78, 79 (08/12-)
Terrain Tamer

Dual Diaphragm Brake Booster to suit Toyota LandCruiser VDJ, GDJ, GRJ 70 Series (ABS) by Terrain Tamer

The dual-diaphragm Terrain Tamer brake booster is an easy upgrade over the factory single diaphragm. It provides a 30% increase in braking performance while reducing pedal pressure and, therefore, driver fatigue.

Ideal for 4WDs fitted with larger tyres, carrying heavy loads and towing your caravan.


Terrain Tamer boasts over 50 years of hard-earned expertise and innovation in the aftermarket 4WD parts industry, with their products being sold in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Each part undergoes rigorous research, development, and testing to ensure it meets or exceeds the quality and strength of its original equipment equivalent. Terrain Tamer parts are often designed to be even stronger and tougher to withstand the challenging conditions of Australia’s harsh conditions.

As a result of their proven reliability, Terrain Tamers parts are used in various applications, including mining, military, farming, emergency services, and by recreational 4WD enthusiasts worldwide.


How Does a Dual Diaphragm Brake Booster Work?

A Dual Diaphragm Booster operates by increasing the level of assistance, which reduces the effort required to press the pedal. This can be achieved in two ways: by enlarging the rubber diaphragm’s surface area or by increasing the vacuum pressure differential.

The Terrain Tamer brake booster utilizes twin diaphragms to double the diaphragm’s surface area, effectively boosting without requiring a larger canister.


What is Inside a Twin Diaphragm Booster?



  • 30% Increase In Braking Capacity
  • Twin Diaphragm Brake Booster
  • Reduced pedal effort
  • More responsive brake pedal
  • ADR certification


Part No.

  • Terrain Tamer – TTTDB


To Suit – Toyota LandCruiser (With ABS)

  • GDJ76, 78, 79 (09/23 -)
  • GRJ79 (08/12-)
  • HZJ78, 79 (08/12-)
  • VDJ76, 78, 79 (08/12-)



  • These Brake Boosters are fully engineered and ADR-approved.
  • To meet state regulations, the booster should only be installed by a qualified mechanic and must be checked and signed off by an engineer after installation.

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