Toyota LandCruiser HZJ78, 79 2007 On – Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty Aluminium Radiator Kit

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Heavy Duty Aluminium Radiator

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Terrain Tamer

Toyota LandCruiser HZJ78 & HZJ79 01/2007 on – Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty Aluminium Radiator Kit

Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty Radiators come complete with steel mounting brackets and improve the cooling capacity of their genuine counterpart by 8% with both a closer pitch and higher tube count.

Featuring a fully pressed and fused aluminium tank design, they are believed to be the only radiators currently on the market that are not welded. This offers superior strength in contrast to welded units, which are prone to cracking over time with Heavy Duty use. Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty radiators are far more durable and strong enough to perform in harsh outback environments or for tough mining applications.


Did you know that Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty Radiators are made by the OE Manufacturer for both Ferrari and Maserati? We know they are not the cheapest, but we work with the best in the industry, and this fun fact only underlines the craft of our manufacturers.


Terrain Tamer boasts over 50 years of hard-earned expertise and innovation in the aftermarket 4WD parts industry, with their products being sold in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Each part undergoes rigorous research, development, and testing to ensure it meets or exceeds the quality and strength of its original equipment equivalent. Terrain Tamer parts are designed to be even stronger and tougher to withstand the challenging conditions of Australia’s harsh conditions.

As a result of their proven reliability, Terrain Tamers parts are used in various applications, including mining, military, farming, emergency services, and by recreational 4WD enthusiasts worldwide.


Low-Level Warning Sensor Plug

Additionally, the Heavy Duty Radiators are manufactured with a low-level warning plug, allowing them to be fitted with an optional extra in-dash warning indicator device.

Once fitted, this unit warns the operator in the event of radiator or hose damage, which may result in coolant-stopping activation and can potentially cause extensive and costly engine damage.


What are the Advantages of Aluminium Radiators?

  • vs Copper-Brass Solder Radiator
    • Weak solder joint at elevated temperatures
    • Strength is reduced by 50% when temperatures increase from 35˚C to 90˚C
    • Susceptible to cracking under normal pressure cycles.


  • vs Plastic Tank Aluminium Core Radiator
    • At above-normal temperatures, the plastic tank becomes vulnerable to cracking.
    • Rubber gaskets harden and lose their resilience at sub-zero ambient and cause leakage.
    •  At 140˚C, the tank may last only a few hundred hours.


Features & Benefits

  • Fully Pressed Design (no welding that can form weak spots or break)
  • Steel Mounting Brackets
  • Aluminium Tanks
  • Aluminium Core
  • Improved fin pitch offering greater cooling capacity
  • Built-in sensor plug for fitment of low-level alarm
  • High Thermal Efficiency
  • Brazed joint relies on the fusion of aluminium at 600˚C creating high-strength bonding
  • 8% Increased Cooling Capacity


The Marks 4wd Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty Radiator kit includes

  • 16400-17400TT – Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty Alloy Radiator
  • HK044 – Terrain Tamer Radiator Hose and Clamp Kit


To Suit

  • HZJ78 – 01/2007 on
  • HZJ79 – 01/2007 on



  • Refer to the INSTRUCTIONS tab for
    • a) Fitting Instructions
    • b) Heavy Duty Aluminium Radiator Brochure

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