AVM HD Free Wheeling Hubs – LandCruiser 80 series

Heavy duty free wheeling hubs

  • Toyota LandCruiser
  • HZJ70 / HZJ73 / HZJ75 / KZJ78 / FJ80 / HDJ80 / HZJ80
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Brands: AVM

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AVM HD Free Wheeling Hubs to Suit Toyota LandCruiser 80 series

Heavy Duty – High Performance

This listing is for a pair (2) hubs
The Heavy Duty hubs are fitted with a heat treated carbon steel drive ring. The drive ring in the standard AVM hubs are made from a cast steel and for this reason, this is the weakest part of these hubs. Vehicles fitted with front diff locks have been known to break the standard AVM free wheeling hub. The new heavy duty hubs have been designed to strengthen this weak point in the drive line when diff locks are used.

Be aware of fakes on eBay – Genuine hubs have an aluminium outer body while the fakes have a very shiny (chrome appearance) plastic outer body.

Genuine AVM hubs supplied with 12 months warranty

NOTE: If fitting these hubs to a vehicle manufactured after April 1994, spacers will be needed to take up the drive shaft slack behind the hub. These spacers stop the axles from drifting in and out of the hub, you are able to add these spacers to your order by ticking the check box at the top of the page

  • Toyota LandCruiser
  • HZJ70 / HZJ73 / HZJ75 / KZJ78 / FJ80 / HDJ80 / HZJ80

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