Gear Select Module – Black Anodized Push Button Shifter Remote

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PCS Gear Select Module (Black Anodized Push Button Shifter Remote)

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SKU: GSM5000
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PCS Gear Select Module (Black Anodized Push Button Shifter Remote)

The PCS Gear Select Module Kit replaces the need for a conventional shifter with a handy easy to use push button shifter.

The slim, touchpad control panel is lightweight and versatile. It can be surface or flush-mounted in the console, dash, door panel or even armrest. The LED display shows the vehicle’s selected gear whilst the recessed buttons are brightly backlit, making it easy to read in all environments.

The control panel is set up in a traditional PRND configuration along with + and – buttons for a quick tap up and down feature.

The unit monitors vehicle speed and brake switch status to ensure the vehicle is slowed to a safe speed and the brake is pressed to prevent an unintentional shift in or out of Park, or into Reverse while moving forward.

Wiring simply requires only power, ground, a brake input, and vehicle speed to operate safely and precisely.

It’s easy to install and works with nearly any automatic transmission.


Kit Includes

  • GSM Cable Motor Enclosure
  • GSM Driver Interface Panel (Black Anodized)
  • Wiring Harness
  • Downloadable User Guide


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