HZJ75 – Hydraulic Brake Booster Upgrade

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Marks 4WD

Hydraulic Brake Booster Upgrade to suit HZJ75 Toyota LandCruiser (4 bolt master cylinder)

The Marks 4WD hydro brake kit utilises the AC Delco hydraulic brake booster units sourced from AC Delco in the USA. Our workshop then completely strips down and machines each unit for a direct bolt-in fit to the particular vehicle model.

This style of hydraulic unit has been used in braking systems for decades in most Ford and Chevrolet heavy-duty vehicles, where it is well-proven for reliability and performance.

The hydraulic brake booster unit connects in line with your existing power steering pump without affecting the operation or feel of the factory steering.

As the line pressure in the braking system is increased when using the hydraulic unit from around 1,000 PSI up to around 2,000 PSI, we recommend replacing your old factory rubber brake lines with our Marks 4WD ADR-approved stainless steel braided brake lines.

Our engineers have fully tested the vehicles’ braking systems to ensure they meet current Australian vehicle standards. This enables us to provide the necessary documentation to assist with having the unit approved for your 4WD.

Our engineers have fully tested a VDJ70 Series Toyota LandCruiser vehicles’ braking systems to ensure they meet Australian vehicle standards.


Vehicle Engineering Requirements

  • For the GDJ70 Series Toyota LandCruiser Hydraulic Brake Booster upgrade, we can provide the testing documentation used for the VDJ70 series LandCruiser to assist your engineer.
  • Please provide your vehicle’s VINMake / ModelOwner’s Name, and Marks4WD Invoice No. to [email protected] for the required documentation.
  • Installation of this product will require approval by a recognised Vehicle Certifying Engineer.
  • Please contact your local engineer for the requirements in your state.


Brake Test Results

The test results, braking from 100km/h, demonstrate why the upgrade is an important addition to your vehicle.

(Note: Results will vary with tyre dimensions, vehicle model and modifications)

Vehicle – 79 series dual cab Toyota LandCruiser weighing 3780kg

  • Braking Distance – Standard factory vacuum – 98 metres
  • Braking Distance – Marks4wd Hydraulic booster – 58 metres


Advantages of Upgrading to a Hydro Brake Booster

  • Reduced pedal effort
  • Increased stopping power
  • More responsive brake pedal
  • Engineered to meet VSB14 requirements


Kit Includes

  • Genuine AC Delco hydroboost brake booster – modified to suit the Toyota HZJ75 (4 bolt master)
  • Power steering pump to hydraulic brake booster unit hose
  • Hydraulic brake booster to power steering box hose
  • Low-pressure return hose
  • Return line T piece
  • Hose clamps, bolts & washers


Optional Brake Lines


Optional Products



  • An Engineering Certificate will be required in order to be compliant with the Australian Design Rules.
  • The hoses supplied with this unit will only fit right-hand drive vehicles.


To Suit – Toyota LandCruiser

  • HZJ75 – 4.2L Diesel
  • 09/1991 to 08/1999 (4 Bolt master)

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